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HCG Diet Analysis, Part III

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I am absolutely interested in what she is offering to share and have been waiting patiently for the "carrot" and continue to wait. I want to know what works in Dr. S's diet because I know it works, be it the HCG or something else--maybe the fact that sugar is eliminated, I have lost 40lbs with cheats on cake and brownies and coconut and jicama and a little bit of black eye peas and organ meat and a bit of pasta etc, no kidding and not ashamed to admit it but I can't say I totally eliminated sugar completely in the past 71 days, my calories however have been kept low and I believe it to be due to HCG because before using HCG I could not do this. I mean no disrespect to Lisa and I am indeed anxious to see this thru and want to be the first in line for her Franchise in Sacramento California when she does launch her business----always looking for opportunities to get out of the rat race---

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