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  1. Resist the food temptations!

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    As I was reading through the posts to get caught up, I saw MANY MANY of us are struggling with the food temptations. We really need to draw SUPPORT from one another to RESIST the temptations. What are some of the things you say or do that helps you resist that temptation?

    I decided to look up some stuff online so I can print them out & put them in my phone, in my car, and around my house. Hope something here will help you!

    * Old Excuse: "If I deprive myself
  2. Loading - Feb 24 JOIN ME!! :)

    What helps me is to try to look at every P2 meal I eat as if it were a prescription. A medical prescription that is going to make this work to make me well. If I can keep that perspective in mind, going through the process is much easier for me.

    Also, I've found that if I cook my food fresh for each meal, it tastes so much better, and I can really enjoy it that way. - Leez
  3. Loading - Feb 24 JOIN ME!! :)

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    Yay for success! Good job t&b

    So did your hunger go away after 4pm on your skip day? if so, that means you do need to lower your dose. Does that 4 pound loss include your load weight? if so, that is a pretty low loss for week one and something is not right.