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Resist the food temptations!

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As I was reading through the posts to get caught up, I saw MANY MANY of us are struggling with the food temptations. We really need to draw SUPPORT from one another to RESIST the temptations. What are some of the things you say or do that helps you resist that temptation?

I decided to look up some stuff online so I can print them out & put them in my phone, in my car, and around my house. Hope something here will help you!

* Old Excuse: "If I deprive myself now, I'll just eat more later."
New Mantra: "I'm making a choice, not a sacrifice."

We tend to want what we can't have. But when it comes to cravings, not getting what you want can dampen your desire. "Studies show that we crave what we eat," says Stephanie Middleberg, RD, a nutritionist in New York City. "So if you eat good-for-you foods, you'll start wanting them instead of cookies and cake." The key is getting your mind on board until your body can take over.
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* Old Excuse: "I deserve a treat after the kind of day I've had."
New Mantra: "I deserve kindness, not calories."

Sure, satisfying a craving can give you a quick hit of the pleasure hormone dopamine (and if you're doing it with carbs, a rush of calming serotonin too). But research shows that chocolate's comforting effect lasts only three minutes. And once the high passes, you're left with the same frustrations as before plus regret.
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* Remember a craving is not an emergency. Rather than getting swept up in the urgency of "I need it now!" let the craving perch on your shoulder and carry it around for a while. Like a storm, cravings fizzle and pass. Welcome it as a temporary visitor rather than fighting it like an enemy.

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And here's a link to an EXCELLENT study that was done pertaining to changing the WORDS you use when resisting: http://jamesclear.com/how-to-say-no

It's amazing when you read the article. Learn WHY you need to stop saying "I *can't* eat that" to "I *don't* eat that".

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