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Finally P3 / 2 days in a row of stable weight

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Finally had 2 days in a row of stable weight.

Day 4 / 104.8 (p3 starting over with mostly p2 foods) back to LDW, Up'd calories to 2,000 +. (was pretty hungry after stake day) added heavy whipping cream

Day 5 / 105.8 ( up 1.0) normal appetite. Added raw macadamia Nuts, raw almonds and P3 mayo. Reduced calories to roughly 1,500 - 1,600

Day 6 / 105.8 (first day of stable weight)

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    I am happy to hear that today was a great day for you! Way to go girl! Its even more reassuring to know that 1500-1600 calories was just right. I used to look at that calorie intake and think omg I WISH I could eat normally like that without gaining any weight! I hope that once I dive into p3 that I may share your same success. I also noticed that we are both the same height and you managed to lose the weight rather quickly (23 days round was it?) even though it was not that much weight to lose! Talk about motivation and great success! I am looking to lose 14 more pounds in 21 days. Sounds kind of like a joke but I hope it can be done. I will continue to look forward to your blogs regarding P3 in hopes of some reassurance! If you could and it would not be a burden to you...do you mind telling me what a typical meal consisting of 1500-1600 calories would look like for you? I feel like I need a nice guideline to keep me on track! Thanks so much in advance!!!
  2. ZanneP's Avatar
    Thank you for the kinds words an encouragement! You got this one! Been absent from my blog for a few days and unfortunately and hate to report ,not so stable. After a steak day, I am back at 1.0 above LDW. I think if you have less to lose getting stable is really tough. For me P2 was the easy part, P3 is really messing with me. And again you can so do this! However, i have seen gains with exercise (and not that much mind you) too little fat, to much fat, to many calories, to little calories. I am at day 11 and have had only 2 consecutive days of stable weight.

    Oh and BTW I am not complaining about the weight I am currently at. I feel great, my clothes fit HORRAY! I am eating more now than I did at 118lbs and have way more energy. I need to do some toning, but after the exercise gains (this happened 2x) I am holding off until p4 and better stability. Again still happy with my results and you will be too!