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  1. Ugh

    I FEEL UGH. took a break-- the binge problem creeped its way back after i was outta commission for awhile.

    i am determined to get back to being fit happy and healthy. On thus plus, i'm back to teaching spin class yaayy.

    But for today i feel fat, bloated and constipated.. not a great combo.

    Tomorrow is a new day.

    and my motto to chant to myself is DIE FAAT DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE
  2. Trying to trust the process

    brokedown and weighed myself this morn.

    weigh In: 212.2: uggghhhh that's only a 0.2 drop but sigh a drop nonetheless.

    I will be so happy if i can get to 209-210 by the end of week 3
  3. Week 3 day 1: So i didnt meet my goal

    so my 2wk goal was 14lbs based on previous experience. So bummed that I didnt meet it but happy that i did lose some weight. I think the past weekend i really screwed myself but i am somewhat back on track.

    Went out to an unplanned dinner yesterday at a mexican place -- love loove loooovvvvvveeee mexican food. Ended up having 2 dry martinis(hey it was better than me ordering a margarita and i looooooovvvvvvveee their margaritas) and a taco salad (which i did not finish eating, took ...
  4. I've been a bad baadd girl

    ok so no binge over the weekend -- victory!! but i went off protocol and had a bit too much cheese-- so no victory.
    Honestly was too scared to step on the scale this morning, so i didnt. In fact i'm switching to weekly weigh ins and i'm officially off cheese and reverting back to being as POP as possible or within reason.

    I plan on an ultra long round so making tweeks to make the program more doable for me.

    So weigh in is beginning of week 3 which is wednesday. ...
  5. The weight loss is slightly visible but still a loooooooonngg waaay to go

    My best friend (the guy one) was like OMG you have lost weight awwwwwwwwwwwww -- HI5iving myself but can't get too excited cuz like the heading says -- i got a looonnnggg way to go.

    Sigh so weigh in: 211.8. So that's up 0.40. Im thinking yesterday's loss could also have been slightly abritrary since I barely ate much on wednesday.

    I was soooooooooo tired yesterday suprised i made it to the gym but i did -- Score 1 for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today''s workout ...
  6. Day 2

    WEIGH IN: 211.4. yaaayyyy a whooooooooosshhhhhhhhhh - i think it was because i finally had some movement -- what a relief .

    Yesterday was good but chewed too much gum -- gotta cut back on that. Gum and diet coke have been my cheats so far, i must confess.
    Didnt make it to spin class -- BOOOOO!!! but i did do the boxing class than had training after.

    Today's workout (hopefully if i get off of work on time) -- 40min spin, 45min cardio class, personal training. ...
  7. Wk 2 day 1: Back to regular scheduled programming

    so yesterday completely forgot had a bday party in the evening. Sigh. And I was so busy all day ended up staaaaaaaaaaaarving.

    So didnt get to the gym -- which means i have to take yesterday as a rest day.

    Also i did go slightly off protocol cuz of hunger -- i ate a few peanuts (less than a handful), had 2 grapes, grilled chicken (but was dark meat) and then some fish (which was cooked in oil but less than 3oz).

    So weigh today: 213.2 that's up 0.2. Which ...
  8. Day 6: Good news and bad news

    GOOD news is I did not cheat over the weekend but the bad news is that i have a bad cold, so spent most of the weekend in my bed chugging water like my life depended on it.

    Weigh In: 213.6

    I'm hoping to reach 210 by friday (trying to be realistic so I won't be disappointed)
    I have my heart set on going to the gym today -- 20-30min spin, 45min step class, 30-45min personal training session.

    Hoping this week is gonna be a good week!!!!!!!
  9. I felt like crap yesterday

    yup felt like absolute crap. Had a nasty headache and was hungry. So went home after work laid down but couldnt sleep so went to the gym. Got on the spin bike for like 20min but still didnt feel any better so left and went home and straight to bed (of course i took a shower lol).

    I feel much better today but I can tell i'm getting sick. OHH oohh and TOM started on wednesday -- totally forgot it was supposed to start this week.

    Anywhooo today's weigh in was 219.8 -- ...
  10. Vlcd 1: I got the eye of the tiger

    yea soooo lemme break it down -- yesterday i decided, the whole point of loading IS TO STUFF YA FACE!!! So i threw caution to the wind and ended up doing a proper load as in the amount of food I scarfed down was ungodly lol. But it was that or spend the first few days of VLCD being hungry and miserable. And i absolutely refuse to be hungry on protocol -- thats a recipe for cheating and binging (which i have a tendency to do when very hungry).

    So weigh in today was most notably higher ...
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