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I've been a bad baadd girl

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ok so no binge over the weekend -- victory!! but i went off protocol and had a bit too much cheese-- so no victory.
Honestly was too scared to step on the scale this morning, so i didnt. In fact i'm switching to weekly weigh ins and i'm officially off cheese and reverting back to being as POP as possible or within reason.

I plan on an ultra long round so making tweeks to make the program more doable for me.

So weigh in is beginning of week 3 which is wednesday. Fingers cross that I lose any weight gained over the weekend by then.

On the plus side, I had an intense workout session on saturday -- even my trainer had to comment on the amount of sweat. At one point i legit want to laugh cry because the wall sits were a killer. Love hate the pain but i know it's the fat dying

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