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Hello, all.

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Phase 3, friends?

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been maintaining alright I believe.
It took me a while to understand we aren't supposed to eat as if we are dieting, we are just supposed to eat with in the diet.

I'm now entering week 2 of p3.
I eat when I'm hungry. I "successfully" added dairy and nuts into my diet.
I put that in quotes because almonds have become my food I need to watch out for, I tend to eat way too much. When I start I just can't stop.

I don't feel like I'm dieting at all, which is great. I don't ever crave foods that aren't on protocol. I don't think I'll jump into carbs in two weeks. I'm fine with my protein, nuts, fruits and veggies.

I did start eating Atkins bars... I have eaten the Atkins "light meal" replacement bars, with zero problems-- I actually had a loss one day.

Yesterday however I tried one of their full meal replacement bars and it was completely delish. But I did have that late night craving of almonds and cheese.. So I ate way to many of those and woke up with a .6 gain this morning.
Total Suckage, dude.
But I worked out quite a bit yesterday, well, more than a bit. and im feeling the aches of it today. So I bet that has something to do with the gain as well.

Good news though.. Even with that gain, I'm still .4 UNDER my LDW. So I have nothing to worry about.

If you took the time to read this, I'd love to hear back from you!

Thanks to all, and happy dieting.

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