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  1. VLCD day 1 did not go as planned..

    I spent all day at the river and didn't drink nearly enough I also didn't eat til 8 pm.
    And when I did I ate the beef out of a burrito and gauc..
    Oh well today will be better!!

    But down 3 pounds!

    Start weight: 158
    After load: 163.6
    VLCD 2: 160.6
  2. This is why I'm doing my 3rd round....

    The past two years I've roughly weighed in the 150 range, and have been "comfortable"... Although I always wanted to lose more I just couldn't.
    At the end of last year I put on a good 10-15 pounds and used HCG for the first time in January/February to take that off... I took it off and then screwed myself more than ever by completely skipping maintenance. I gained the 13 I lost back, plus a good 10 more.
    Starting in march I went on another round, this time 40 days. I was ...
    Tags: phase 2, round 3
  3. Starting again.

    I just recently finished my p3, and I wasn't planning on it... But figured I may as well....

    I just took my first drops. Starting my loading in the morning.
    I only have a couple days worth of these drops.. Does anyone know where I can buy some good hhcg drops for cheap? I'm only doing a short round this time.
  4. Second week, phase three question.

    So I've been moderately active the past three days between work, working out, and photo shoots,
    I've also been eating the same things I've been eating.. I also started this acai berry cleanse 3 days ago, and have been having about 2-4 good BM's a day..
    You'd think I would've lost weight, huh?
    Nope, I'm up 2 pounds,
    Contemplating a steak day today... But not sure I want to follow through with it considering I can't believe that I actually gained 1.4 pounds over night.. ...
    Tags: gain, help me, phase 3
  5. Hello, all.

    Phase 3, friends?

    I haven't blogged in a while. I've been maintaining alright I believe.
    It took me a while to understand we aren't supposed to eat as if we are dieting, we are just supposed to eat with in the diet.

    I'm now entering week 2 of p3.
    I eat when I'm hungry. I "successfully" added dairy and nuts into my diet.
    I put that in quotes because almonds have become my food I need to watch out for, I tend to eat way too much. When ...
  6. My birthday on phase 3?

    My birthday is friday. I will be on day 3 of phase 3.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any tips for that special day.
    My family and friends know I'll be dieting so no cake this year... But there's just something about eating cake on your birthday.. I think for me it's more of an emotional thing.
    I'm just sad that my birthday won't feel like a birthday this year with out cake.

    I could probably make some yummy dinner or go out and find some place with ...
  7. Hooray! Updates.

    Hypoglycemia, anyone?

    Well Last night marked my 48 hours off hhcg drops. Today I'm taking it real slow and only adding in some organic no sugar salad dressing and fage yogurt!

    I found out why I was getting so sick towards the end of my HCG round. I was tested and had extremely low blood sugar.
    I have had problems with hypoglycemia all my life but for some reason the thought never entered my mind that it could be getting worse and worse the longer I was eating ...
  8. hello, everyone. I have made my decision.

    at only 9.8 pounds from my goal, and 8 days left of my 40 days,
    i am calling it quits.

    according to my calculations-- i would only lose at most 4 more pounds in the next 8 days..
    But i have been getting so weak lately. and so irritable and exhausted, i am no longer doing any good. I dont feel healthy anymore and i just want my energy back! i've only been losing on average .2-.4 a day.. if even that.

    I have lost a total of 23lbs on this diet, bringing ...
  9. Day 29 of 40, and not doing too well.

    I'm in need of some words of encouragement or some helpful advice.

    I haven't lost more than a pound in the past week.
    I'm down around 22lbs total.
    I was aiming for at least 30, but I guess my body isn't up for that.

    I started at 177.8 and this morning 156.6 (.4 gain from yesterday)
    I'm just so tired of dieting and not seeing results. I tried an apple day two days ago. But only had a .4 loss, which I gained back today.

    I'm thinking, ...
  10. Unsuccessful apple day.

    I have only been losing little bits lately and I was going out of town for the day and thought an apple day would work best.. I ate 3 large apples and 2 small.
    I only drank about 2 cups of water all day.
    I have to admit. I did smoke a lot as well, perhaps this is why I only woke up with a -.4 loss?
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