• hCG Diet Poll

    How experienced with the protocol are you? (Votes: 22)

    1. Haven't even received it in the mail yet! (Votes: 0)

    2. Newcomer - just loading and getting down with P2 (Votes: 5)

    3. Made it to P3 - Maintainng and resetting time! (Votes: 8)

    4. Expert/Old School - I have been around for awhiles. I know my stuff! (Votes: 9)

    Does Dr. Woliner's argument hold water? (Votes: 98)

    1. Yes, Dr. Woliner references the statements he makes. (Votes: 2)

    2. Yes, the argument sounds good, but I haven't checked out his references to know for sure. (Votes: 3)

    3. Yes, but I still disagree with him. I lost weight with hCG and it worked for me! (Votes: 58)

    4. No. Dr. Woliner is full of it. He made all this stuff up. (Votes: 35)

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