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    March 2024 Loaders - Marchers


    March 13th, 2024 08:20 AM
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    Welcome and good luck on your round. :) I too...

    Welcome and good luck on your round. :)

    I too reached my goal in 2012. Have done more rounds here and there to keep it. So glad we have this marvelous tool!

    Many of us find that journaling...

    Leez April 19th, 2024, 01:59 PM Go to last post

    Been a decade...

    Wow... in 2010 I first learned of this protocol. So much is not the same, on so many levels. My last successful 'round' of this protocol was in early 2012. I had reached my goal, and was comfortable...

    doover April 19th, 2024, 01:01 PM Go to last post

    Hi Leez! OK, that's what I was thinking as...

    Hi Leez!

    OK, that's what I was thinking as well.

    I was given the medicine due to a flare up with my raosaca on my face. So, I can stop taking it if I need to and just continue it after my...

    sherrieef April 19th, 2024, 12:22 PM Go to last post

    I agree. Its frustrating. You can't pin it down...

    I agree. Its frustrating. You can't pin it down to a cause and effect formula. AT ALL. The closest thing to that is the actual protocol which is mostly predictable. Follow the plan, lose .5...

    Leez April 19th, 2024, 10:51 AM Go to last post

    Prednisone does cause water retention on its own....

    Prednisone does cause water retention on its own. Part of the body's natural anti-inflammatory response is to surround the irritation with extra water. Prednisone increases that effect. Prednisone...

    Leez April 19th, 2024, 10:37 AM Go to last post
  • April's Experience with the HCG Diet

    This is April Marie's helpful experience with Nu Image HCG but using different mixing instructions etc.:

    This is my third round, and each one I've done a little differently...learning curve

    Round 1 -
    I mixed with everything from Nu Image but did enough early research to know their 200 IU dosing instruction was too much. So I mixed per NI instruction, with their B12 solution (5000 w/ 5 ml), but took 150 instead of 200. Pretty early on (within 10 days maybe?) I was hungry and dropped to 125 per Grammy's suggestion. Stayed there and had a good round.

    Round 2 -
    Learned more, read more on here. Mixed the Grammy way, 5000 IU with 10 ml bac. HCG from NI and bac from Missouri Medical. Started out at 125, eventually lowered to 110-115 or so. But a good round nonetheless. Had a little incident with some vodka and club soda, but that was all on me. Not due to the mix or dose.

    Round 3-
    Same, bought hcg from NI and bac from MM. Although this time completely forgot about the Grammy mix. So I mixed 5000 IU with 5ml. This week I needed to mix a new batch and mixed the Grammy way. I don't feel any difference in hunger with the different mixes or change in my losses. But understand it's easier to adjust the dose with the less potent mix. I'm still at 110. Went down to 100 for a few days but then realized it was my mix, not the dose causing some hunger. So after I mixed new I bumped back up to 110 just to see, and feel great with zero hunger. I have another round ahead of me so was worried about getting too low.

    [Jen asked if she was feeling any stinging at the injection site with the un-diluted mix]\;['
    Hmmm...no difference in sting that I've noticed, but I'll have to pay attention to that. There have been a handful of times, across all rounds, where I've had a tad bit of bruising but I can't recall which mix dilution at the time. I don't think there is a correlation for me. But I can't be sure either. 99% of my injections are pain, sting, and bruise free.

    No difference in hunger between the two. The only real significant advantage, for me anyway, doing the Grammy way is that it's easier to lower dosage. You can lower in smaller increments. At least with less guess work on the needle haha. I guess when I said I was hungry due to mix this round, I meant it was just simply time to mix new. My current mix was approaching 4 weeks so losing potency on its own. I will probably mix Grammy's way next round. Seems like it will become more important as my dose gets smaller. Just my guess, not Grammy confirmed

    Feel free to use this, ok by me. Just my experiences and I know everyone is different. I find NI can be a little slow to fill my order but if I call them they jump on it right away. Overall I'm pleased. Perhaps not the least expensive place to buy, but at this point I trust their quality so am not willing to change sources.
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    1. tracy rozier's Avatar
      tracy rozier -
      Hello today i am to order my hcg from nu i just wanna be ready when i do get it in the mail. So when mixing please tell me the correct way to do it please start from opening the packed please