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Thread: P3/ P4 Alll Organic Food?

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    Hi everyone
    I was reading Trudeau's book and I'm wondering how many of you
    really eat only organic food in P3 or P4. As he mentioned that you will stay lean
    after the cure if you only eat organic food.

    So what about you? Are you only eating organic?

    ~~ Karin

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    Hi there ! gee, I have heard of a mongoose before, but never a moongoose hehehehe ))

    There are some of us who have made the switch to all or mostly organic....I am one of them. Then there are some who have always been organic....I WISH I was one of them. From personal experience, it really does make a difference. The amount of chemical junk in everything we eat and put on our bodies is just horrible....and when I found out the US is the only country that allows some of this junk in our foods....I couldn't believe it. It's no wonder we are the fattest country in the world. )
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    We have been eating mostly organic for about 6 years, since I had kids. Just didn't want all those chemicals in their perfect little bodies. But I have to say, just eating organic will not keep you slim. I can make an awsome batch of organic cookies and eat the whole batch with some organic milk and still pack on the pounds. Or go back for seconds of organic whole wheat pasta, drenched in organic garlic, olive oil, and cheese, oh add some fresh organic bread with lots of butter. You get the picture. I managed to eat organic over the last six years and still have a weight problem, due to portion control.

    We tr to eat organic and local, when possible, and I definitely think it's healthier.

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    I don't worry too much about organic, but I'm making a lot of my own food, instead of buying pre-packaged, and I'm going to be drinking raw milk (tomorrow! hooray!) and eating raw cheese. I plan to switch to making my own bread , instead of buying from the store, stuff like that.

    Oh! That reminds me. I was going to post what kind of bread machine we have at home. It looks like it's a Breadman model TR444. We've had it for several years, so I'm sure they've built newer/better models since then.

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    After spending this week at the hospital that serves only organic food and losing an unbelievable amount of weight for week 3 (5 pounds) I'm convinced it was the organic food. I've been organic on a lot of things but I'm going totally organic when I get home. Even my skin looks better this week in spite of no facial oil products and the high stress I'm under.
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    Colleen and Barb, I agree. I have been buying only organic my skin during P2 has been so clear and soft. I bought organic makeup and soaps too...It is amazing.

    I am going to order the raw cheese and cream from the website Scott suggested. How long did it take to get your order, Scott?

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    I have been eating as much organic for years, especially strawberries, peanuts, meats, dairy, eggs, and tomatos. Some foods are more important to eat orgainc than others...I only eat wild caught fish or "sustainably" farmed from whole foods...

    there is a website out there that lists the important organic foods to eat... PS. be careful from "organic" foods from mexico, there are some very "loose" guidelines down there... fyi....

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    They ship it all overnight UPS. I certainly can't complain about the shipping cost, either. To ship me 1 gallon of raw milk, 2 pints of cream, 2 lbs of cheese, and 3 lbs of hamburger only cost $24, for overnight delivery. Not bad at all.

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    Colleen, I agree with you about the organic!
    Switched to organic milk (rather than just the ones that claim to be free of hormones) fruit, and beef also...I feel better etc. Many dont care for Tredeau's input but I do think he is spot on here. I would love to go totally organic but we only have little rinky dinky organic stores here. But my grocery bill is outrageous but I am going to find something else to give up on so I can continue to go organic.

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    I have never worried about eating organic before, but I'm going to start from now on. I really think that it is much healthier not to have all of the chemicals and junk in our bodies. I always heard that you should shop around the inside of the store. Do not go to the middle aisles of the store where all of the boxed, canned, and processed foods are.

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    If you havent watched "Food Inc" I highly reccomend it. It helped me really think about it.

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    Also, I wonder if the more demand there is for organic, maybe the price will go down..it makes no sense that there are grass raised cows that are just eating grass in Wyoming (we have a friend who owns a ranch) and they are purchased and then FATTENED UP with corn, hormones, etc. that costs money and then it is cheaper to feed us that beef that is part of the cause of obesity, heart disease in the 50's I believe (that and the invention of corn syrup and other fake foods) and organic meat is so expensive...

    I am rambling, but WOW... ok, sorry

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