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Thread: Trudeau in jail

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    call this R1 again P2/hhcg
    I weight myself once a week. Im in the middle of P2 right now.
    Down about 20 lbs ish

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktrinaC View Post
    I'm sorta sad about this. I think his books have been worthwhile for me. As for others, WTF, nothing is proven. I think the drug industry (Big Pharma) has been most damaged by this and that they are behind his imprisonment.

    That said, he has been unrepentant, (even though I don't see what he is supposed to repent for) and the judicial system, supported by Big Pharma, wants its pound of flesh.

    Frankly, I'd prefer punishing Big Pharma, especially for the whole Con game they foist on cancer patients with chemo, and the crazy profits they make with chemo. (NB my brother just died after buying into the chemo con).
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    He didn't get in trouble for promoting HCG he got in trouble for lying about the HCG diet to sell more books. He violated repeated orders way before HCG, taking hcg out of the equation he was still in massive violation of the law over and over. Just because he's tied to HCG doesn't mean I will defend his fraudulent actions. Anyone that says this plan is a simple diet free method to lose weight is 100% lying. How could it be a diet free method when the whole plan is based on a very strict dieting plan of restricted calories and specific foods.

    He's a con man did he deserve 10 years? Not my call but all the other infomercial people upselling their products should be in there right along with him because I've never seen an honest infomercial yet. Also his legal troubles started in his teens, not when HCG started. Looking at his past record I don't feel sorry for him at all. Sooner or later your past catches up with you.

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    parafluie, imo, what you have said is true to the last word. so sorry for the loss of your brother

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    But Judge Guzman was unimpressed, noting that in his three decades of fraud, Trudeau had taken on more than a dozen different aliases and even used his motherís Social Security number to perpetrate a scam.


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