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Thread: Trudeau Says Mixed Salad Is OK?

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    I notice that although Pounds and Inches says not to mix vegetables, in Trudeau's book under Frequently Asked Questions (p. 130) it says that a mixed salad (which include onion, radishes, cucumber, spinach, and tomato) is the one exception to this rule. I'm wondering if any forum members are following Trudeau's book and how this has worked out for them.


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    Bump, very very good question!

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    I think some do follow Trudeau's ideas. Some with success some not. Its always a question as to why it was that Dr.S. says no mixing. There has got to be a reason. So, use your best judgement but, I wouldn't. Or at least try it once and see how it goes.

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    I have on occasion mixed veges for a salad when I just couldn't eat one more bowl of lettuce. I didn't notice a difference but I don't know that I would do it all the time. I am forever advocating that you listen to your body.

    With that said I don't consider tomatoes a vege and feel quite comfortable mixing them with lettuce or cucumbers.



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    I agree Jenni, I have at times also mixed some veggies and not had a problem.
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    I often do the safeway mixed baby greens, no issue

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    I don't follow the book...I actually go to a clinic where I live, see a doctor once a week, get the B12 and lypotropic shot and got the prefilled HcG shots. in their manual, they have no aversion to mixing salads. One of their daily suggested meal plans was for lunch: 3.5 oz chicken, 1 cup salad greens, 1/2 tomatoe, 1/2 cucumber. I am just starting my VLCD1 though today, so I have not tried the mixing as yet.

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    spring mix is pretty good!
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    My anti-aging doctor who I have done the protocol through says that she has seen no problems with mixing veggies with all of her patients and herself. I take her lead on protocol. I had no problems with loss in P2 by doing so. Am getting ready to do my last round and will do it that way again.

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    There doesn't have to be a particularly valid reason. Dr. S is just a human, and his research was done decades ago. Reading P&I he seems very analytical about his work and allowing mixed veggies exponentially expands the variables, and it is possible he just said no mixed veggies as a way of being able to monitor his patients with fewer variables.

    Then again, maybe he had a reason too. Sorry but as a somewhat scientific-minded person I really think P&I has a lot of huge gaping holes in it, and is not particularly thorough. I know everyone here recommends it as the holy Bible of this diet. Obviously the results people get account for something, and I don't dismiss it, but I don't doubt that there are countless variations on the same theme that would possibly get results for people. My doctor says don't mix veggies, but then she breaks with the Dr. S protocol on many other things. I assume each (reputable) doctor modifies the protocol based on their clinical experience, just as Dr. S recommended his based on his clinical experience. There's nothing in P&I that explains anything on a truly deep biochemical level. It is largely theorizing and clinical experience.

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    I think that when considering the Simeon diet, one should realize that his work was done in another country, on another continent an ocean away. The condition of the environment is entirely different. The dirt is different, mineral content is different so even the like vegetables grown here were likely different from those grown in Europe. The vegetables we have here and now, he did not have 60 years ago

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    i've eaten spinich, tomatoes, romaine, radishes, red onion, cucumber and garlic with no problems. I'd serve my broiled chicken on top and add apple cider vinegar,and lost weight everyday.

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