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Thread: Trudeau Says Mixed Salad Is OK?

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    I agree with you and can't think of any scientific explanation for not mixing vegetables except to say it is so boring that you are less likely to overdo it. The other thing in the original Simeons Pounds and Inches he tells you to weigh the protein but vaguely says have a handful of vegetables. In my country Tuna comes shredded 119g in a tin in brine with a protein content of 28g and absolutely neglible fat or carbs. Perhaps the Tuna he was exposed to did contain a lot of fat.Therefore because of convenience a lot of my diet has been tinned Tuna and the weight is dropping off of me. He states that Salmon Eel and Tuna are not allowed because they are too fatty. I also think the salt content of different foods is very different and remember if you take in 5ml of salt the body needs to dilute it in 500ml of water which weighs 500grams or more than one pound.That can affect the daily weigh in but in no way affects the long term fat loss.

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    I mixed veggies pretty much every day of R1 - mixed greens, cukes and tomats. Very happy with my 29.6lb loss (avg of -0.7538/day). Could I have lost more by not mixing veggies. Possibly...but I doubt it. I haven't yet seen any good research to support the claim.

    Mixing this round as well and still seeing good losses.

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    Like Cindy I mixed veggies from day one and never had a problem. I lost 30 pounds round one and I'm currently in round 2 doing the same thing and I've already lost 15.7 pounds.

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    I mix all the time. The main reason they tell you not to do this is because if you were 100% strict on this it would be a pain to figure out what how many calories your taking in vs a cup of broccoli.

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    ... I think we can all agree, it's not the mixing of veggies that bites ya in the behind (whether on this diet or life in general).
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    Mixing greens etc.

    Hi, I have mixed the vegetables, and the tomatoe every meal in some combination. I have not seen any loss of momentum from this. I have on occasion only had time to grab one veggie to take for a meal out too, but It is so much nicer to make a really satisfying salad with a few choices.

    My stalls if any seem to by not sticking to the longer time period before bedtime on eating.
    Hope that adds to the info pool. Pam

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    I think what Dr S really meant was that you shouldn't mix RAW veggies with COOKED.

    I eat a mixed salad everyday, and have no problems. I used mixed baby greens, onions, tomatoes and sometimes a little celery too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wadsworthsucks View Post
    i've eaten spinich, tomatoes, romaine, radishes, red onion, cucumber and garlic with no problems. I'd serve my broiled chicken on top and add apple cider vinegar,and lost weight everyday.
    same here

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    I always ate protocol veggies and would mix them. I know some people who couldn't. I didn't until I found what my typical weight loss was. I then mixed them and no difference. So I kept doing it. If you mix them and it throws weight loss off...I would stop.

    Good luck!
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    I didn't find this site til I was basically through R1P2, and only now reading this thread. I ate mixed salads routinely through P2, but followed P&I for cooked veg-mixing a little onion or garlic with main veg. I had no gains, but plenty of stalls-3-5 days. I'm thinking the stalls may have come from insufficient water intake some days, maybe insufficient sleep other days. I only started sleeping 6 hours or more towards the very end of P2. One other thing-I used balsamic vinegar a few times on my salads-I didn't gain, but didn't realize balsamic has sugar in it so will try to avoid whenever I do next round. I didn't gain when I used it, but may have contributed to stalls. I don't completely understand what causes stalls yet.

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