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Thread: Trudeau's book/protocol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Concetta View Post
    I was able to download, free, the pounds and inches info. Is there a site where I can read Trudeau's?

    I think Trudeau's version is a bit extravagant - and very expensive. Actually, I read somebody's synopsis, and not the actual book. I have read other books by Trudeau. This person may have been exagerating. (I hope.) It included a number of cleanses, plus a number of other things such as massages and stuff. It was a full-time job carrying out this diet, and very very expensive.

    I believe in all the stuff recommended - but not all at once. I personally find it doesn't work to address too many issues at once. Do the standard hcg diet now. In between times, chose one (ONLY one) of the cleanses. Or the other programs he recommends. I have done most of the cleanses he recommends. I could NOT do more than one at a time.

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    If you do some research on his protocol you will discover that most of his claims are false.

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    Also, didn't Trudeau go to jail because of the false claims he makes in this book? IMHO HCG is the way to go - I wouldn't bother dealing with re-packaged versions. In NZ we have a lot of people selling The 3 Week Slimdown, and it's pretty much the HCG Diet but without HCG and eating 800 calories, or some other 'tweak'. I firmly believe there's nothing like the original
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    You soak you feet in electrically powered device that is said to produce positive and negative ions.

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