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Thread: A "Correction Day" Thread! All Different Techniques and How they Worked for People!

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    Thumbs up A "Correction Day" Thread! All Different Techniques and How they Worked for People!

    As the title suggests of this thread...a "Correction Day" Thread that lists all the various correction days and how it worked for people...that would be GREAT! I just discovered one, the "Chicken Thigh" day, and I lost....2.6 lbs in Phase 3! Which was EXACTLY the amount I needed to lose to get back to my LIW. Steak day did NOT work for me nearly as well (.8 lb only!) and I gained that back the next day, plus another .8 lbs! And that's exactly how the steak day worked out for me last round; .8 lbs lost after a steak day, 1.6 lbs gained the day after that.

    Anyhoo...I'd LOVE to see everyone's experiences on correction days; I had to scour the forums, here and elsewhere, to find a different correction day than just a steak day. Turns out there's an egg day, protein shake day, high fat day, and a couple others. There's also full-fat fage day, and fat-free fage day, which people always mix up, and don't know what phase to use each with. Detailing the differences for each would be really helpful!

    If this new category is created (it's REALLY needed!!! Everyone needs to do one eventually, and finding alternatives to a steak day, or getting a handle on a FFF/fff day is rough)....I'll gladly post the chicken thigh day details.

    Hope this gets created! Crossing my fingers. -GonnaLoseIt
    Looking for info on the famed "Chicken Thigh Day" (CTD)? Here it is: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums/entry.php?b=16708

    Wondering how you can hold your loss after the Chicken Thigh Day, or any correction day? Try the "Post-Correction Day Strategy" (PCDS): http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums/entry.php?b=16711

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    A "Correction Day" Thread! All Different Techniques and How they Worked for People!

    Obviously it got created :-)
    Good idea. Thanx.
    Can u post the details of the chicken thigh day?
    Thinking of trying a reverse steak day tomorrow. I did well on my last steak day with the bp coffee, but am not sure if it d b a good idea to disturb LR timing. I am 1.9# above LIW, but d like to get closer to LIW to ve some buffer.

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    chicken thigh day worked good for me !

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    I just posted this in the p3 forum and then noticed this thread, so I'll just copy it here....

    As my p3-p4 progressed my gains were getting larger, from 2-3 lbs to 4-4.5 lbs, so and the correction days that I had success with before were no longer giving me the results that I needed. I would normally lose 2.5 on a steak day, and 2-3 lbs on a fage day, which used to suffice. I got the idea, and idk if anyone has already come up with and posted this elsewhere, if so, sorry for the repeat...but I got the idea when i was reading that you should do more p2 style eating following a CD, so I figured why not just make a CD a p2 day. In p2 I lost really well doing a fff day with 1lbs strawberries so I decided to do that, also 32 ounces of FFF is a lot to eat. Well when I did it the first time I lost 4lbs and have lost on average 3-4 lbs every time since (and I did a lot of CD's).

    I tend to not get very hungry on steak days so I never had any issues with hunger on my P3/4 fff day, but if you have issues with hunger this may not be the best option. Also I can tell that I'm losing whatever water weight I gained because I have to run to the bathroom as if I'm in p2, but even better it's simple and cheap. Just 2 8oz servings of fat free fage for lunch and dinner (sometimes i just do the standard 6oz serving that comes in the small individual pack), and 2 8oz servings of strawberries (as well as my standard 60 oz of water).

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    What should the fat/protein percentages be on a chicken day and should we eat below our daily calories ?

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    My ultimate favorite is the full fat fage or greek yogurt about 32 oz. I put my capella flavored drops and my favorite is NY cheesecake with lots of stevia. I also like using lemon juice and lemon rind with stevia or sometimes hershey's cocoa powder with lots of stevia to make it like a chocolate moose. It seems to bring the weight down for me. I eat that throughout the day. You can have lots of coffee/tea / water.

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    I'm really glad this thread has started! I'm in P4 and I think I have only had to do one steak day (except with creamer in my coffee). However, I've had to do several low carb days...always two days after having bread or alcohol.

    It seems that the times I've gone over the 2lb. limit, it's only been by a few ounces at most, and a low carb day puts me right back where I should be. So now when faced with a choice about whether to have bread or alcohol, I pretty much know that I'll have to pay the price. Is this a slippery slope, or do others manage just fine this way?

    I still haven't had any added sugars. THAT is a slippery slope for me, for sure!

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