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Thread: Hair Loss/ Hair Care Talk

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    Lightbulb Hair Loss/ Hair Care Talk

    I think the topic of hair comes up a lot on this forum and there are several threads everywhere with tips/tricks and suggestions. It would be great to have it all in one place.

    Also, I'm curious. I wonder are there any people who have experienced hair loss during or after the hcg protocol who followed the original protocol and used an injection dose of 125 IU?

    Are the ladies strict with the no oil on the hair suggestion? What about African Americans (Our hair does not do well without moisture and oil to seal).

    Did anyone lose hair during an earlier round, then made some changes to supplements/diet and did not lose hair during a subsequent round?

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    I have lost more hair than weight! and i used 125 IU lost and gained back now i cant seem to get back on track. My hair is still falling out, cant get it right. PS: hAS anyone bought HCG from Reliable Rx Pharmacy online? or Escrow Refill?

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    I didn't start losing hair until I was well into P4, but oh my gosh, I lost a LOT. The hcg also prevented me from ovulating, which means I skipped a period. So I think that for me, personally, hcg affects me like I am pregnant. It causes the same skip in ovulation, and it prevents my hair from falling out whilst I'm taking it... which means that once it's out of my system and my hair goes back to normal, suddenly a lot falls out. But what I can say, is that thankfully, the hair loss stopped. And it's all growing back now so I have this weird spiky/frizzy thing going on from all the new hair growth.

    Also, because it's a hormonal thing, the only way to stop/prevent/treat it is to not take the hcg. At least in my case.

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