Stomach Bug - I lost 23 lbs 2 years ago and stabilized beautifully. Was completely in control of my weight with eating P3 keeping me LIW-2to4 and intermittent yummy starchy/sugary things going no more than LIW+1or2 and coming right off again the next day when I would make sure to eat P3. I easily kept off all of the weight for an entire year, even through vacations. Then, my whole family had the most awful digestive bug for several days straight. I went from LIW to LIW-4 and was famished afterwards. I felt entitled to eat whatever I wanted and I did. Without weighing for 3 days. I went from LIW-4 to LIW +6 in 3 days! NOTHING would take it off! I searched and asked questions but found nothing. Here's my hypothesis: I think my system was so impacted by the stomach bug that I was essentially in a p3d1 state when you are very susceptible to quick weight gains. By the time I caught it (weighing myself on day 4 afterwards), my body had gone to a new normal weight. I was so bummed that I stopped weighing daily so also wasn't making the small corrections necessary to maintain my weight. went up, up up until recently doing the protocol again.

Morale of the story: Be kind to yourself after you've had the flu or some other miserable digestive ailment but also be very cautious about how you ease back into eating knowing you may need to re-stabilize.

Liquid HCG and no mixing syringe? No problem. Just take a needle nose pliers and easily peel of the foil cap taking care not to knock the rubber stopper (underneath the foil) out. Then pop the rubber stopper out and pour the liquid HCG into your mixing bottle. Easy Peasy!