Hi my name's Bonnie. I have been on and off HCG since 2009. I initially lost 42 lbs doing the strict protocol and gained 25 of it back. I take full responsibility, and
know it's because of bad choices. I have tried to get it back off doing other weight loss programs with little success. My problem is I work hard through the week, and the weekends...and then a cheat day becomes a cheat weekend, and all I do is roller coaster up and down. HCG keeps me focused through the weekends, and beyond, because I don't want to go backwards yet once again. I know there are many issues that plague all of us individually, emotions, child hood memories, our own food additions, allergies, sensitivities, etc. the list can go on...but yet the basic make up of each human body remains the same. There are some simple rules to keep in mind (my opinion) for long term success. Build and keep active healthy muscles. (Keeps your metobolic engine burning) Have your body go into a deficit every day (portion control) Increase Protein. Remove or extrememly limit junk (sugars, processed food, etc). I know everyone has different issues, these bodies are a gift to us, and our own personal stewardship requires that we find a way to take care of them, to keep them healthy. I also really believe in a strong body, mind, spirit connection, you can't have one without the other. Sorry this is so long. I just turned 50 in August, and realize it is a harder fight with every passing year. I have had 7 babies, am 5'1". I know when I eat HCG I feel better, stronger, thinner, and my emotions take a turn for the better. But for me, I decided
to try HCG yet once again, with a few modifications. I'm taking it as seriously as I have in the past on the strict protocol, however, these are my own
1. I am doing an exercise program every morning that I love, and I know I'm building muscle, and hopefully long term that will help my success. It is called
Tap Out XT. It is a hard core MMA program with bands, weighted gloves, kicking and punching. A lot of core work. I do this one hour every morning.
2. I drink a pre-mixed low card protein shake 160 calories, 30 gr. of protein. Every morning within 30 min. of waking up.
3. I increase my protein a bit with every hcg lunch and dinner. (I'm guessing I am eating approx. 800-850 calories a day)

That is all of my modifications, I drink a mix of dandelion, green, peppermint, ginger and a detox tea (about 32 oz.) every morning, with water. I am full until
lunch. I mix my own rx. hcg. Drink tons of water through out the day.
Monday I started my first VLCD I weighed in at 149.6. Today, only 4 days later (It's Friday) I weighed 143.2. Down 5.4 lbs. I am very interested in doing the leptin reset on P3. I plan on doing a 30 day round. I am determined this time I will not allow even 1 lb to come back on. My goal weight is 120. This is just my
take on this whole program...HCG is the only thing that has ever really helped me lower the lbs. This time I'm building muscle, I know it will stay off.
If this is helpful for any one else...Great! If not, I hope you find success on your own journey.