I suppose I should have clarified my post, yikes! I know that there really is no "post P4" but I guess I meant after those initial 3 weeks where you are figuring out what works and what doesn't. For the most part, I'm eating P3 foods with an occasional addition of a starch (really no sugar that I know of...I've learned my lesson!) I'm learning to live this lifestyle and am enjoying it especially since the weight has stayed off! I weigh religiously every morning, and when it's over 2# above LSW, I do a steak day and so far it has brought it back down (I've had to do just 3 since the start of P3 almost 2 months ago). I guess what I was asking for is the P4 forum that is already here. I enjoy reading what others do to get through a tough day or a party and I love reading the variety of things people eat - it gives me new ideas to try and motivation as well!