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Thread: Can't Find Sugar-free Tomato Paste or Sauce

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    There seems to be a good number of P2 recipes using tomato paste and sauce but I cannot find any that has no sugar in them. Where are you finding this and if it has 1g sugar per serving, is that OK?

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    The generic ones from walmart don't have added sugar. I mean, they have sugar in them, but that is the natural sugars from the tomatoes. The only ingredient is tomato pulp.

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    You just have to find the no sugar added ones. I found some tubes of paste, just couldn't find cans. Yes there may be some sugar listed in the nutritional info because of the sugar inherent in the tomatoes.
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    Hunts brand makes tomato sauce and diced tomatoes without sugar..

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    I get them at the grocery store, both Vons and Ralphs. Same as above, sugar is not listed in the ingredients, but I do get the "no salt added ones".

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    The organic tomato sauce in the CAN does not have all the added junk.

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    You an buy diced tomatoes and some tomato products at the Dollar Tree stores. Mine is right next door to Trader Joe's, which didn't have any. Saved a bundle too. LOL.

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    Around my neck of the woods the generic or store brands in all the grocery stores are the ones that carry canned tomatoes, sauce, and paste simply made from tomatoes. It's the name brands that have ingredient lists a mile long and include sugar or corn syrup.
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    I have found that the store brands and "off" brands to have nothing added. Look for all natural or organic, don't know if you have a Meijer or Whole Foods near you but they have fantastic selections. I even found sweet leaf packets at Meijer.


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