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Thread: Has Anyone Used Chia Seed on Phase 2

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    Hi I was using chia seed before starting phase 2 has anyone used it without cause a stall..... Beestly I think I saw somewhere that you were using it in Phase 3... I found it helpful for adding fiber with out the cals any thoughts???

    ps maybe we can use it to help grow back hair hey just kidding!!!:} :} :}



    restart 6/30/12
    2 load days
    restart 7/2
    w/load 188.2
    P3 17 days 172
    p2 172 load
    p2 171.4 load
    p2 D1 171.6
    p2 D2 170.6
    p2 D3 169.4
    p2 D4
    p2 D5
    after 79 days Releana
    last drop weight 165.8
    started p3 on Wed 9/21 17 days
    restart p2 VLCD Wed 10/10/12

    Total released 22.4 lbs
    Total inches 26.25

    goal 140 lbs
    swimming down stream!

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    I have used chia gel (made with water) in the past as a 'filler' for my tomato soup (tomatoes, blended, seasoned and heated) and it does not stall me or make me gain. YMMV, so be careful and test diligently?

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    This is a very old post. the original poster isn't around any longer.
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    It's a good question though and I asked myself that same question this week. I'm a huge chia fan and I usually throw it in all my smoothies and use it in gels like Girard mentioned. When I looked it up though, the nutrition values made me certain Chia is not hcg diet friendly. I'm curious now though- Girard, you didn't stall at all? How much are you having at once? I'd like to know for my own curiosity.

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    For those new to Chia seeds you should read the warnings and learn how to introduce them safely, how to presoak or grind them and not to overdo them at first. Build up the amount you use gradually. I've had more than one friend go overboard on Chia seeds and wind up in some major intestinal pain as a result, one just the other day. They absorb up to 10 times their weight in water and really bulk up and cause a ton of gas if you aren't careful. No point in learning the hard way when so many others already have, introduce them slowly.


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