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Thread: Colorado people, where do you shop?

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    Colorado people, where do you shop?

    Is there a one stop shop to aquire all the required "special" stuff that we need ex: grissini breadsticks, Braggs aminos, lotions, etc? I went to Whole foods, and didn't come out with much. I did grab some grissinis, but the nutrition info on them lists the calories a bit different than the protocol says they should be. Is there a certain brand I should be seeking?

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    Hi Hair!

    I'm also in colorado...glad to see someone lives close by...i don't know what it is but somehow it helps to know you have someone else on the same diet that lives close by.

    anyways, I go to king soopers. I like their fruit and veggies there the best! Wholefoods is too far from me. I ordered some stuff that i could not find near me like the flavored liquid stevia and very yummy grissini sticks and a salad dressing that I don't like.

    it's called, (I guess maybe i can't name websites on here) . I think they are the best to order stuff that you cannot get and the prices aren't bad. I've heard the liquid stevia at wholefoods is like 15 dollars and this place is 6/7. no certain brand on my part but the site says it's all under protocol. I'm getting ready to buy more stuff...i like it!! (except for the salad dressing) lol


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