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    Question Confused

    I have read conflicting information both online and in the instructions received from my hcg supplier regarding what to eat on the hcg diet. Supplier instructions indicate protein choices as lean beef, chicken, white fish, or whites of 3 eggs + 1 whole egg. These same instructions also include a very limited list of vegetables. However, when I read elsewhere online, I don't see beef or eggs as an allowed protein choice during P2. Also, my instructions tell me to eat the allowed fruit for breakfast, where elsewhere I see instructions to have only coffee or tea for breakfast. (My instructions also state that I must eat all the described meal/snacks everyday-including the melba toast.)

    I don't know who to believe! I want to do this right and will follow instructions to a tee...just need to know which instructions I should actually believe in.

    Thank you in advance to anyone that responds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetiepie View Post
    No disrespect to Dr. simeon, but I'm pretty sure we've learned more in the past 50 years, and as a result some of the protocal for the diet, such as allowed food items, has been updated. That's what I'm looking's recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveLifeAgain View Post
    No disrespect to Dr. simeon, but I'm pretty sure we've learned more in the past 50 years, and as a result some of the protocal for the diet, such as allowed food items, has been updated. That's what I'm looking's recommendations.

    Newer does not always mean better. Ask Coke! If you don't want to follow pounds and inches, follow what ever your doctor gave you.
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    The thing is, even though there are possibly more things we know today, food is totally jacked up now due to genetic farming (GMO's), which is I suppose a different issue, but the point being, newer is NOT always better.

    Dr S said he tried every combination of foods, and the P&I foods works best. Will you lose on broccoli? Maybe, maybe not, or maybe not as well. Will you lose without it? Definitely.

    It's up to you, but there is no "new way" that everyone agrees on. I chose not follow my Dr's office protocol, which allows more food choices. I chose to go more strict and follow P&I. But, I'm kind of an all in kind of person. And, this is temporary. I've lost almost 20 lbs in 3 weeks and very happy!

    Good luck with your decision.

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    Some other variations of the protocol work for some people. But Dr. Simeons' protocol always works, even after all this time. He said he tried every type of food and the ones he says to use are the ones that work best, and he's right. People try all different varieties of the diet that their doctor or clinic or hcg drops say to follow. But a lot of those people have trouble with the diet. Those who use Dr. Simeons' protocol rarely have trouble. Do you want to be one of those people who finds you can't stabilize in P3 because you ate tuna or turkey breast or broccoli in P2?

    The allowed meats are boneless skinless chicken breast, lean beef (with the warning that American beef is too most of us who eat beef use lean grassfed beef or extra extra lean beef), white fish, shrimp, veal, fresh white fish, lobster, and crab. If you develop an aversion to meat, you may very occasionally have 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites. Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed. Vegetarians may have skimmed milk or curds.

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    It is not as if we suddenly invented new foods in the last 50 years. Or if we did, they are frankenfoods, stuff that are so processed that the nutritional label might look good, but the actual ingredients mess up our hormones in a way that no label can ever indicate correctly.

    Dr. S. tried different veggies and meats and fish. I know many people claim canned tuna in water hadn't been around during that time - but he tried tuna, and it didn't work. The same for all the other eemptions or additions. One way or another, this diet does not work purely on a calorie base, but really kick-starts some hormonal response - and it does that through the allowed foods.

    I tried making changes, mainly because I was hungry through a wrong dose - and I miserably failed this round. We aren't talking major cheats, just some turkey instead, and some tuna.... yet those were enough to derail me. Now that I am back on protocol, I am losing like a charm again. For me, getting creative with the food is just not worth it. It is only for 30-40 days... I can do anything for a month. And if it means boring and bland foods, then be it. It could be worse. I could remain fat.

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    I would highly recommend you read 'weight loss apocalypse' by Robin Phipps Woodall. She has brought Pounds & Inches to the 21st century and I think every person attempting a hCG protocol should read it. It taught me so much about leptin and why we get fat.

    She also has a tonne of videos on youtube which are amazing! Just search for Robin Woodall on youtube.

    Sometimes I pretend to be NORMAL but it gets boring so I go back to being me!

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    Thank you for sharing, Bonnie. That is exactly what I was looking for...intelligent 21st century research. I bought the book. The videos are great too.

    Posted on November 29, 2011 by Robin Phipps Woodall

    Today most of the information people get about the hCG protocol is from the Internet. Because no other explanation exists other than what Dr. Simeons wrote in Pounds & Inches, a large amount of speculation, skepticism, and inaccurate assumptions (based on Simeons’ theories and observations) have developed for why and how it works—or doesn’t work.

    But because Pounds & Inches was written in 1967, Dr. Simeons could NOT have formulated a theory to explain his observations in a way that makes sense, based on today’s level of scientific understanding. In other words, Pounds & Inches is outdated.

    Dr. Simeons himself wrote: To argue for or against Simeons’ theories is a waste of time. We need to skip over how he thought it worked, and start anew. We need a new explanation for why such a small amount of hCG could prevent starvation—not applied to the invalid assumption based on calories, but applied to the modern and proven science that describes starvation as a consequence regulated by hormones.

    Dr. Simeons Said, I have never had an opportunity of conducting the laboratory investigations which are so necessary for a theoretical understanding of clinical observations, and I can only hope that those more fortunately placed will in time be able to fill this gap.”

    The modern hypothesis discussed in Weight-Loss Apocalypse will force the entire weight-loss and diet industry to change. Not only because the more people who do the protocol correctly will significantly reduce the occurrence of obesity, but because new science destroys the outdated idea of “calories in, calories out.” No more counting, no more measuring.

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    Yep! This video from Robin is fabulous in explaining the science behind exactly why we don't starve on the 500 calorie protocol:

    I have the utmost respect for Dr. Simeons and so does Robin. But even he admits freely that he hasn't researched WHY the protocol works so well.

    ~ Lucy

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