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Thread: Anyone Eat Green Beans on HCG and Do Ok?

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    Im so sick of the limited veggies that I like. I can deal with steamed green beans for a long period of time... I just want to know how it would effect my loss!!!

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    i just bought some to try- i read that if you get the skinny french-cut ones, they don't have the "bean" part in the middle, and thus have less starch.
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    Well, youll have to let me know how that goes!!! That makes a lot of sense... I might go pick out all the beans now so I can have some tomorrow!!! This is my second attempt at the diet. I had to stop for family emergencies coming at me left and right. I just couldnt keep up... And the first time was awful. I hate most of the veggies, so I never ate enough. It sucked!!!

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    bump-- just wondering what the results were after the consuption of green beans

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    I used green beans on my second round a couple times a week and it didn't stall me or make me gain. I lost 28 lbs 28 days. I always used the french cut. I would drain the water off and put them in chicken broth and my portion of chicken. Sounds gross, but it tasted very good!

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    Awesome! I'm a green been addict so maybe if I feel as though I HAVE to stray this would be a good option.

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    I've eaten them also and didn't have any problems and I've also done saurkraut much to my family's dismay. HAHAHA

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    i ate them very regularly and i did fine with them.

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    And is everyone using the french cut?

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