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Thread: Anybody Eating Vegan/vegetarian on HCG??

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    My body has already told me not to eat beef or dairy anymore -- probably because of the hormones and steroids, but I'm not even supposed to eat it if I raise it myself, so in my meditations, I asked if I was being weaned off meat entirely, because that's what it felt like. The answer was yes. I am no longer to eat pork in any form, not even after I'm done with the diet. Now, I'm losing interest in shrimp, too, and white fish in any form makes me want to puke, so that leaves only chicken. I can already feel the need to let that go, as well, even though I got some today.

    The friend who helped me get started on the diet said there is a vegan way to do it, but I can't reach her at the moment -- she doesn't check email very regularly. So, here I are... asking the Forum if anyone knows a way to do this in a vegan or vegetarian manner. OH! And I can't consume soy products, either. Eggs are fine, and I do that periodically, giving three yolks to the dog from four hard-boiled eggs and eating the fourth one and the whites for myself with a spinach salad.

    I know there are many foods I won't be able to eat until after I'm done with the diet (I'm on P2, round 1), but given that I gained weight when eating beef and dairy, I have to wonder if it will help speed up my loss by going vegetarian/vegan and stopping meat altogether. Any help, comments, links or references will be appreciated. If you want to send me a long-winded personal note, my email is [email protected] Thanks, y'all!!

    Becky *.*

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    look back at the original protocol (link on upper left)- go down to the diet section. he lists alternatives for vegetarians- eggs and cottage cheese.
    Buying Hcg: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...i-start-39144/

    Help if Hungry: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...se-read-27902/

    Where to Buy Real Prescription Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets: https://hcgdietinfo.com/buy-hcg-injections-online/

    Disclaimer: I am a retired moderator of these forums. I am not a medical doctor. My statements are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any medical condition. Read more: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...2/#post1020418

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    Never mind... I found it, thanks!

    Becky *.*

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    Hi, i am a vegetarian on the hcg diet and i just wanted to let fellow veggies know this can & does work. I was on an 800 calorie diet for 6 weeks prior to starting this hcg diet with Homeopathic Drops. i lost 15 lbs on that diet....then i decide to try the hcg....not very much encouragement out there for vegetarians...but i am determined "Where there is a will there is a way!" I don't do milk or cottage cheese, nor do i eat eggs...so i got some Whey Protein...high in protein with only 1 carb..comes in many flavors, sweetened with stevia. I have lost 19 lbs in 17 days!! Yippie. I have been on every diet you can imagine, weight watchers, nutri systems, medi fast,michael thurman, and complete fasting. Never have i lost this much weight in this short a time...not even the complete fast...which obviously slowed down my metabolism..the people who say the drops are a scam...don't know what they are talking about!! They work. I can not eat the melba toast as it kicks me out of ketosis, and i eat the fruit only once every couple days, and 2 servings of the whey protein works best for me...that is 50 grams of protein. I am very happy with the results so far. I don't cheat...unless not eating the whole 500 calorie is cheating, and i am very happy with the results. For what it's worth.

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    Congrats on going veggie!
    Clean karma is amazing. Vegetarians live longer, have less cancer, heart disease and a host of other benefits too long to list.
    Good riddance hormones, chemicals and other unatural things done to "meat"!

    I am a strick vegetarian but not vegan.
    I had great sucess on this diet.

    I added egg whites in the morning and used Quorn "naked chix breat" or "meatballs" for my protein.
    Also try Jay Robbins protein shakes.
    I used small amount of soy cheese as well in p2, but kept all soy to a bare minimum due to its estrogen like properties which can mess with your metabolism.

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    I was entirely vegan until recently. I started eating tuna on VLCD4 because I was feeling so sick and was getting kinda desperate.

    I'm glad to hear people can have lots of success being veggie!

    I'm on VLCD11 and am down 12 pounds. Hopefully I'll have continued success as I go back to my daily quinoa.


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    Be sure to check out Jay Robbs website.www.jayrobb.com

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    I'm doing HCG and have used Vega. It contains all vital vitamins and nutrients which a vegan diet might lack. Plus protein (about half your daily amount) and other "super" foods, such as Maca and Chlorella. It's a little pricey but it's a great product. No soy, no gluten, no sugar, no dairy. High in fiber. The only problem is that there's 17g of carbs per serving (in the natural flavor), but I used it yesterday blended with some strawberries for lunch and am still down 2 lbs today.
    Here's the info:

    The best/cheapest place to buy is www.foodfightgrocery.com

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    I think the guy who created Vega is a superstar vegan athlete, right?

    So you replace it for your meat serving during the day? You do that twice a day or do you do something different for one meal?

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    Yes, Brendan Braizer. He also has some books available.

    I use Vega as my whole meal replacement for one meal. Remember, one serving (two scoops) is 220 calories (natural) or 240 (flavored). I do sometimes blend it with some frozen strawberries to give it some texture/sweetness. I have been doing a regular meal from the protocol for dinner, usually organic chicken or wild caught halibut as my protein. I know it seems contradictory to eat meat after using vega, but I am still experimenting. I was vegan/vegetarian before doing the hcg protocol. I have used vega for about a year and a half now and love it. It generally makes me feel good and my body notices when I don't use it.

    You can buy vega at whole foods as well. I normally order mine online at foodfightgrocery.com as they are much cheaper and often have coupons.

    FYI I'm using HHCG drops. R1P2VLCD3. Start Wt: 149 Current Wt: 144.2

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    Also, tonight I just discovered some raw/vegan recipes for P2, seem very useful:

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    Does Whole foods sell these protien powders? they seem expensive? Vegan and need help, I am hungry on HCG.

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