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Thread: Anybody Eating Vegan/vegetarian on HCG??

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    phase 2 round 2 hcg oral drops

    i need some help!

    I'm not vegan just strict vegetarian because I don't eat eggs or cheese but I still eat breads and pastas idno I'm wierd but on this diet I can't eat any of that is there any other protein source besides quorn naked cutlets or quiona(I forgot how to spell it) I saw that veggie burgers were eaten by others on the diet which is the best brand to eat?

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    Hi Jenae,
    I'm a ovo-lacto, but many others have written about vegans in P2 on other threads. In my early searches I stumbled upon this web site, written targeting the vegan raw foodist:
    I know with veggie burgers, we may be doing fine on the protein side but not so good on the carb & calorie side. However, I know we'll have more freedom when P2 is over, so I'll have to resume some of the meat analogs I ate and dump others permanently. I have often wished we could ouiji board Dr S. and ask him about our modern meat analogs. Good luck--its a challenge for sure, and wish you the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by linseyk View Post
    Yes, Brendan Braizer. He also has some books available.

    I use Vega as my whole meal replacement for one meal. Remember, one serving (two scoops) is 220 calories (natural) or 240 (flavored). I do sometimes blend it with some frozen strawberries to give it some texture/sweetness. I have been doing a regular meal from the protocol for dinner, usually organic chicken or wild caught halibut as my protein. I know it seems contradictory to eat meat after using vega, but I am still experimenting. I was vegan/vegetarian before doing the hcg protocol. I have used vega for about a year and a half now and love it. It generally makes me feel good and my body notices when I don't use it.

    You can buy vega at whole foods as well. I normally order mine online at foodfightgrocery.com as they are much cheaper and often have coupons.
    I haven't started HCG yet (just got my drops in today) however I want to continue working out as I have been (just keep doing what I've bene doing) however post recovery workout protein drink I prefer is the Vega Whole Food Optimizer (although I put in a banana and extra milk I won't be doing that while on HCG) I think since I currently only use 1 scoop as long as I am burning calories this should be ok shouldn't it? Thanks.

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    Help !

    Quote Originally Posted by karen5 View Post
    Hi, i am a vegetarian on the hcg diet and i just wanted to let fellow veggies know this can & does work. I was on an 800 calorie diet for 6 weeks prior to starting this hcg diet with Homeopathic Drops. i lost 15 lbs on that diet....then i decide to try the hcg....not very much encouragement out there for vegetarians...but i am determined "Where there is a will there is a way!" I don't do milk or cottage cheese, nor do i eat eggs...so i got some Whey Protein...high in protein with only 1 carb..comes in many flavors, sweetened with stevia. I have lost 19 lbs in 17 days!! Yippie. I have been on every diet you can imagine, weight watchers, nutri systems, medi fast,michael thurman, and complete fasting. Never have i lost this much weight in this short a time...not even the complete fast...which obviously slowed down my metabolism..the people who say the drops are a scam...don't know what they are talking about!! They work. I can not eat the melba toast as it kicks me out of ketosis, and i eat the fruit only once every couple days, and 2 servings of the whey protein works best for me...that is 50 grams of protein. I am very happy with the results so far. I don't cheat...unless not eating the whole 500 calorie is cheating, and i am very happy with the results. For what it's worth.

    HI, this post is old. But your results are amazing? I hate eggs. What is that about the melba toast? I did hcg before sublingual, lost 15 lbs but i couldn't finish cuz on the 500 calories i binged eventually, and I kind of want to vomit with my food choices. If you get this? I need more influential support i don't think i can do it anymore and im young if i cant do this theres nothing left for me to try. your comment is very uplifting.

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    yes..also has anyone used ReliableRX Pharmacy for HCG??

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    Yes, I use them. No problems. Only trouble is, you'll have to get your bac water elsewhere as they haven't got any.

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    very interesting thread, thanks for the info!

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    Be very careful using Reliable Pharmacy - their reviews have been taken off of TrustPilot now but they turned a bit dodgy I think.

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