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Thread: Can I leave out fruit on VLCD?

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    Can I leave out fruit on VLCD?

    Fruit seems to spike my blood sugar then crash hard an hour or less later; then very hungry. Can I leave them out and eat more veg and a little more protein? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubbynomore View Post
    Fruit seems to spike my blood sugar then crash hard an hour or less later; then very hungry. Can I leave them out and eat more veg and a little more protein? Thanks
    You can. Dr. Simeons wrote that in his book as well. I'm very resistant to weight loss, so I dropped one of my fruits awhile back. It works well for me. Cutting one fruit out allows me to add more protein which is good especially since I'm a guy. I get about 100 grams of protein a day now.

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    It's not wise as a general rule. Your thyroid and adrenals need some carbs to function well. I've seen too many women tank their thyroids by doing an entire round without the fruit. Doing it a day or two to break a stall is one thing but going 40 days without it is another matter. I wouldn't do it if you want long term stability. Women in particular need more carbs than guys do. When Simeons wrote you can omit something he was talking about on one particular day when you're not hungry for all your food. To eliminate an entire food group and your only real source of crabs isn't a smart idea.
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    My wife did as every time she ate fruit she gained.

    She simply offset the loss in calories with extra Veg or Meat.

    in 42 days she lost 35lbs.

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    Try different fruits and variety. Also there are a lot of nutrients your body needs in fruit. For instance an apple has something like 10,000 nutrients in it. Maybe eat them with a meal or try alone? Experiment and see what works, but the fruit is very healthy for you. Check what fruit contains less sugar, or which fruits are good for your blood type and see if that helps. I know someone who ate watermelon on p2 without any issues even though it's not on p2.
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    Fruits and veggies are equally important. I don't think you should drop eating fruits.

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    It's not wise to drop fruit altogether. However, for myself, if I'm just not that hungry or it gets too late and I just wanna sleep, I'll skip my second fruit (but only if I up my protein for that day). It's important to have some carbs and definitely meet the 500 cal allotment.

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