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Thread: Natural fruit flavorings?

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    Natural fruit flavorings?

    Hello, are natural fruit flavorings (like in herbal tea, such as cherry, peach, etc) allowed in p2 if there’s no sugar? I found fat free, sugar free oikos Greek yogurt and they have flavors like coconut, banana, etc and are sweetened with stevia. They don’t have the fruit in them, just natural flavors. Thoughts? I also want to drink herbal tea but not sure if they’re ok.

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    Any tea is fine if it doesn't contain sugar.

    Natural flavorings are fine as well.

    But greek yogurt is not on protocol for P2.

    Greek yogurt is great for P3 (the three weeks after P2) but there it is best to use 2% or full fat versions.
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    Greek yogurt is my favorite! :x

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    Love fage 5% Greek yogurt on P3 and P4! Will have some today! Am on P4 and love, love it!


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