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Thread: Needing a plan for Christmas Eve dinner

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    Needing a plan for Christmas Eve dinner

    Hi ! this is my first message here. I REALLY need help with this, please. I am using pharmecutical sub-l Drops . Today is R1P2D23 & I'm down 20.2 lbs. I have not even been TEMPTED to cheat - being totally committed! Here is my dilemma...

    I need a plan for Christmas Eve. My office lunch and xmas day aren't a problem. Christmas Eve WAS going to be at my house.Instead, it will be at my son's home with his sweet wonderful fiance and her charming mom who just moved here from Missouri. There's nothing important enough to risk hurting their feelings AT ALL regarding what I will eat. There will only be 6 of us there, so it's hard to avoid the food:Ham,yams,pineapple stuffing,mashed taters,veggie,dessert. I'll have to have a little of everything.Should I skip my drops that day? Do something different the day before? Dbl Protein xmas ? It will be VLCD28. I don't want to screw this up AND I don't want to be ungracious. Yes, they would understand, but this is a very important day for them. For us. Thanks!

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    Wow you are doing AWESOME, Pam!!!

    I'd just plow on through since it's one day. Expect to stall for 3 days. Try to eat as little fat as possible. Only a TINY piece of ham. Don't skip your Drops.
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    Thank you so much ! not sure if my message showed up when I said thank you the first time !

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    C- don't you think eating more protein would be better for her, even though it's pork? and just tiny bites of the rest?

    Pam- i would re-frame your thinking here. if you've done well on this program they are probably thrilled for you- if i were his fiance i would not be offended by you needing special foods, but that's me. perhaps you could offer to bring a salad? eat a ton of that, veggies, and a small amount of protein.
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    I don't think it will diminish the importance of the day for you and your family at all if you stick to eating on plan - it will still be every bit as special and important, regardless of what anyone eats. I think we tend to be overly concerned about these things - people don't usually keep score as to what other people eat, and I don't think having special dietary needs is the same thing as being ungracious. If you were a strict vegan, or Jewish, you wouldn't eat the ham, right? If you would feel better about it, you could take a very small portion of everything, shove it around on your plate a bit so it looks like you've had a bite or two, and just not eat it. Maybe have a big portion of whatever P2-friendly veggie they have (or whatever veggie seems the most p2-friendly, if they don't have one of the protocol veggies on the menu) and eat a little lean protein either before you go or when you get home?
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