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Thread: PLEASE tell me what your day looks like!!

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    PLEASE tell me what your day looks like!!

    Hello all!!! I'm having a really hard time finding my groove in the sense of my go to meals daily. I feel like last time I found my groove fast and this time it's a struggle. Please tell me what your BREAKFAST , LUNCH and dINNER look like please

    And possibly your must haves on your grocery list

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    What phase are you looking for ideas for?

    If for the P2 (very low calorie part) my eating day looks like this:

    Pre-breakfast: large glass hot water with half a lemon (alkalizes your system and helps get things moving.)
    Breakfast: Coffee with 1 T. milk + apple
    Lunch: Grilled chicken dusted with cajun spice blend with asparagus or slice of sweet onion both done on George Forman grill + 1 melba
    Snack: grapefruit, orange or strawberries
    Dinner: melba appetizer, grilled tilapia with cucumber or grape tomato salad + chopped fresh cilantro and vinegrette dressing
    Evening treat: hibiscus tea brewed from whole flowers (a natural diuretic that is yummy)

    Meal variations:
    chicken/cabbage (or baby spinach) soup
    orange + 1T milk for a sherbet snack
    occasionally have melba and orange together for snack with Constant Comment tea
    grilled chicken salad with chopped apple, cucumber & cilantro
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    Hello Angie, It helps me to make some meals on a Sunday for the week. I make blackened chicken, flounder, cod, and some burgers too. I use a bunch of spices to suit my taste to make the meats/fish very tasty. For the side dishes, I've had asparagus, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach - either with p2 friendly vinaigrettes, rice vinegar, spices. For breakfast sometimes I have one of my fruits if i'm hungry of maybe just half of one. Other times I make iced coffee. When I feel I'm getting bored with the choices I go out on the internet or Pinterest for more recipes. Had a great ground beef and cabbage meal last night which was like having stuffed cabbage but open - it was very tasty. Filling up on fluids is also a help - mineral water, iced tea, iced coffee for me.

    Good luck!

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    breakfast black tea

    Lunch grilled shrimp with tomatoes

    snack strawberry

    Dinner burger with Spinach

    snack apple

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    Breakfast: hot water with lemon or herbal tea with lemon

    Lunch: hamburger patty, sliced tomato, orange and gf grissini or chicken/onion soup with strawberries and gf grissini

    Dinner: P2 chili or chicken/celery soup or cod with sliced cucumbers marinated in white wine vinegar, with stewed apple and gf grissini

    My grocery list for P2 is boneless skinless chicken breast, extra lean grassfed ground beef, wild caught white fish (usually cod because it is reasonably priced), oranges, apples, strawberries, cucumber, onion, celery, canned and fresh tomatoes, frozen spinach, asparagus, lemons and gluten free grissini. Occasionally, I have shrimp, lettuce, fennel and grapefruit on my grocery list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angiet View Post
    Hello all!!! I'm having a really hard time finding my groove in the sense of my go to meals daily. I feel like last time I found my groove fast and this time it's a struggle. Please tell me what your BREAKFAST , LUNCH and dINNER look like please

    And possibly your must haves on your grocery list
    I don't eat a whole bunch of different things. I live at work 2-4 weeks at a time, so my choices are limited. morning, I drink at least 8 ounces of water right before my shower. Then I give myself the injection. Then I drink another 4 ounces about. Then about half an hour later I'll have about a 12 ounce of coffee with just stevia. Then at work I drink maybe another cup or two of coffee through out the day. But I have two 64 oz. water bottles. one is just straight water, the other water is to mix a 16 ounce water bottle with kool-aid sweetened with stevia. I drink about 3 of those during a full day. By the end of my work day I've drank approx. 150 oz of water. I try to cut myself off liquids about 4 hours before bed other than just enough to quench a thirst. I get up around 220-4 am. So I eat my first meal around 9-930. it's generally a small chicken breast, usually grilled or baked. seasoned only with Mrs. Dash (watch which flavors of that you use some have sugar in it). and I eat a small side salad of iceberg lettuce, a little spinach, a little broccoli, and a few slices of cucumbers. around 12-1 I eat an apple then around 4 I eat either chicken or trimmed steak ( watch the precooked ounces), or I'll make up about 4 egg whites and use a little water to cook/scramble those up with. Then I sprinkle cinnamon and tabasco on them. Usually I'm so full I can't even think about fruit again, sometimes I'll eat a couple strawberries but that's it. And honestly, I don't ever feel like I'm starving. Sometimes I get a feeling of being hungry, but it's usually about half an hour before it's time to eat. I'm good all night, no cravings etc. I'm on week 3 of p2r1 and I'm down 30 pounds so far and my measurements have surprised me more. But I honestly, think the key to all this is the loading. have to do it right.


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