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Thread: Protein Shakes in P2?

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    I've looked all over the site and am getting some conflicting information. I'm trying to figure out if protein shakes are okay in P2? If so, what kind and how much? I would really like something a little different, and possibly something to help with my chocolate addiction (I had a bite size snickers the other day...total cheat!). Also, would protein bars be okay too? I'm assuming that these would be a substitution for my meats.


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    Protein shakes are completely off protocol. I was so tired of chicken that I bought some of the JayRobb egg white protein shake that was recommended by people who are using them. I had the most horrible gas and cramps for about 24 hours. Even though it said it was made from egg after I had the problem I looked at the ingredients and it had soy protein which is probably what caused the problem. It was also $20 for 10 servings!

    I don't know about the protein bars but my honest recommendation is that you stick to the protocol especially if this is your first round so that you can really know how this works for you. In other rounds if you choose to experiment then you will know if it makes a difference.

    The way I got around the gagging from eating chicken was to make a vinaigrette dressing from that recipe book and add some spices to it. It's really sweet (stevia) and actually made the chicken taste good.

    Vinaigrette Dressing
    1/4 c. apple cider vinegar
    1/2 c. water
    2 shakes celery salt
    2 shakes onion salt
    Ground pepper to taste
    20 drops Clear stevia
    3 packets stevia
    Combine ingredients, pour into jar and refrigerate.

    I didn't add the celery or onion salt. I have some Sweet Bell Pepper dip mix that's sugar free and that's what I put in the dressing.

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    I have used Jay Robb egg white shakes, I know they are not Protocol but I had a stomach virus. I still continued to lose. I would say no to the bars. This is R2P2D10, down 9.4. I use Mrs Dash on my chicken, so many varieties to chose.

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    I have used Jillian Michaels whey protein shakes. I like the chocolate(triple chocolate). Jay Robb is good too.I still lost wt.

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    This is in P2 right? Is there a certain thing to look for, like sugars and fats and stuff? I heard about Jay Robb too. The triple chocolate sounds phenomenal...

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    Yes , this is p2. I know it is not 'on protocol', but many use them. In my opinion, If it keeps me from a' really big cheat', it is worth it. It has saved me more than once. BUT, if you are a 'by the book' person then you may not want to try it. I don't think it caused me to gain or stall.
    The JM has 3G sugar,15 G protein, 2G fat. 100 cal. You mix it w/water. And you can blend it with some ice to make it more like a milkshake. I think I did 1/2 the amt. of water, some ice, and some sweetener to taste. I think it would be good with the chocolate stevia.HMMMMMMM I will have to try that I think.

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    Jay Robb makes a whey-based shake with no soy and its much better than the egg one. It has only one carb and is sweetened with stevia, 110 cals. I have used them on workout days when I need extra protein and feel weak. With lots of ice and a little powered fiber to thicken they are so good--like a real ice cream shake. I doubt commercially prepared protein shakes were available when the protocol was written in the 1950s. If they were, I would bet they would be allowed. P&I states that cottage cheese is allowed on occasion and skim milk is allowed for vegetarians which are both whey protein sources.

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    Somewhere around here, there is a shake made with cottage cheese that is supposed to be really good. I can't remember who posted it tho. I'm sure someone will pop in here with the recipe.

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    Are these protein shakes be Jay Robb and Jillian Michaels sold in HEB or something? Where can I find them?

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    The cottage cheese shake is mine I love it! Cottage cheese, fruit, ice yum!

    Anywhey makes a protein shake that would fit protocol in protein. It contains nothing harmful but it also has no flavor (which is why I like it) I add it to my shakes if I need more protein.

    Any Whey you have to order online as far as I know.

    However I really don't recommend you do the shakes if this is your first round. You need to stick with the protocol as much as you possibly can. I hear you on the meats, they can get boring, but remember that you can do anything for 23 days!


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    I used the egg white because I need to eat Gluten and wheat free, it has 24 grams of protein. Whole Foods carries it or you can order over the net.

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    You can get Jillian Michaels at Wal-mart. Jay Robb at GNC or on-line at his site.

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