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Thread: Protein Shakes in P2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysteryappeal View Post
    thanks for the info!
    Interesting and definitely something to consider.

    I'm of the opinion that despite the cost, having a shake (of some kind) makes sticking to this diet so easy because it feels like a treat or dessert.
    I've been to a point where I would gladly pay $100-150 a month to lose weight without extreme hunger, so having shakes to help lose and even to maintain the loss, is a bargain in my book.
    Mystery - How is it gng for you? Are you doing protein shakes and if so can you share which ones and how are your losses.
    I am doing Jay robbs and quest (2 shakes a day) and losing slowly (but it could be due to other factors too)
    Wanted to see how you are doing...

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    So I'm assuming you two have finished the round? How'd you do?? I'm back after many years to lose stuck on baby weight and I'm thinking of trying the shakes as well. Could use some expierenced input!

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