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Thread: Question On Steamed Chicken/Beef/or even Shrimp

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    Question On Steamed Chicken/Beef/or even Shrimp

    First, thank you for taking the time to read.(Smile)

    My question is I have read that you should eat 100 grams of the above foods. Weighed before steaming, etc.
    Does anyone know what weight that 'turns' out to be after it is steamed/prepared?

    Reason I am asking is there are a few places that sell steamed food, but I am unsure how to 'measure' 100grams precooked vs what it will weigh after steamed/cooked.

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    It is supposed to be 3.5 oz before cooking, or 3 oz after cooking.

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    100g raw or 85g cooked.
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    You will get a feeling for how much a portion is when cooked.... If you have to eat outside, you could always drop the fruit for that day, which gives you more leeway with the amount of protein you can have. What usually disappoints me most is frozen fish - that is miniscule after cooking.

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