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    Random Question

    I wanted to drink on the plan, but I don't really eat when I drink. If I have a couple of drinks and no food on the program, will I still be thrown off? It's only for one day, no more than that.

    And just general question, what happens if you water fast on the HCG diet? Not planning on doing that, but just curious.

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    The HCG protocol is not a diet that you can change things up on and still have it work for you. It is best viewed as a medical prescription. Everything you do, each item you eat is part of how the HCG does its magic on your metabolism so that you can keep your losses going forward with a metabolism reset at a lower number than before.

    Doing either of your suggestions changes the plan, interrupts the work of the HCG and puts your stabilization at risk. You might not notice a problem immediately (such as weight gain) but you are doing damage to the process.

    It is recommended to eat 500 calories per day while taking HCG. If you are not hungry at a particular meal, you can eat a little less. But to deliberately fast or to replace food with alcohol is contrary to your success. The only exception to the fasting would be if you should get so ill you cannot eat. In that case, a normal body response is dictating the menu (or lack of one).
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    You are not allowed to change up the plan. Just eat 500 calories per day while also taking HCG. Drinking will definitely comprimise your plan tho.
    So if you are going to be drinking alcohol, be sure to accept the consequenses.


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