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Thread: My Best Recipes and Tips for P2

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    My Best Recipes and Tips for P2

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been lurking for quite sometime and thought I would share some of my tips/recipes for those starting out. This is my way of saying THANK YOU to the forum and its' members. I've literally spent hours on here. Now I'm on my 3rd round and I've lost 30 lbs doing 1 short 21 day round and one 34 day round on HCG drops. Currently on the patches, R3P2D14 and have lost 12.2 lbs thus far this round. I have another 16 days to go. I will probably miss my goal by a few pounds but decided to do THM to see if I can get to goal after P3.

    Here are my favorite Dishes and a Few Tips that I'd Like to Share:

    Organic Fat Free Chicken Broth is your friend. Aldi's has a good one as well as Walmart. It's only 5 calories a cup.

    If I had to only eat one dish on P2, it would be the following:

    1. Shrimp with Onions.

    1 med. diced onion
    1/8 c. fat free chicken broth
    100 grams shrimp, cut into small bite size pieces.
    Salt, garlic powder, pepper to taste

    In a NON-STICK skillet, place chicken broth and onions on medium heat. Place lid on, but stir frequently. Once the liquid is absorbed, the onions will start to caramelize and stick a little to the bottom, add a smidgen more of the broth if too dry and continue to scrape the bits off the bottom. This is what gives it fantastic flavor. Add shrimp at the end and cook 2-3 minutes or until it starts to turn white. Do not overcook. Season to taste.
    Note: be sure to squeeze the water from the shrimp with paper towels before cooking. It will give you more weight

    2. Fire-house Chili
    (I freeze this for a quick grab and go meal)

    Fire Roasted Chili
    (5 servings)
    1 pound Grass Fed, Organic Sirloin- cubed or ground (I buy 96% ground beef from Trader Joe's. The sirloin is too chewy.)
    2- 14.5 oz cans Muir Glen Fire Roasted tomatoes
    2 C Organic fat free chicken broth
    5 green onions- sliced
    4-6 cloves garlic- minced
    1 tsp Chili Powder
    1 tsp Cumin
    2 tsp Onion powder
    1 tsp Oregano
    1 tsp Basil
    1 tsp Black Pepper
    1/4 tsp Cayenne- to taste
    Red Pepper Flakes to taste
    Green Onion and Cilantro for topping (I skip this).

    Brown your meat of choice on medium heat. I do this in the oven (see below). Add minced garlic and white part of green onion and reserve green part for topping. Saute 1-2 minutes. Stir in rest of spices, tomatoes and chicken broth. Bring to boil then reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered for 30 min. - 1 hour. It will cook down a bit; if you desire more liquid, you can always add a bit more broth. Top with green part of the green onions and cilantro. This will be able to be measured out to 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 C serving depending on much it cooked down.
    For family, place on rice or stir in beans. Also, they can add cheese

    Big Batch Freezing

    Ground Beef

    When I'm doing 30 meals and freezing them, I will buy 15lbs 96% gr. beef, season with salt and garlic powder, and weigh the 100 grams raw. I place the meatballs on a baking sheet with a wire rack underneath to catch drippings and bake for 30 - 40
    minutes at 350 degrees. After cooled, I place each ball in a bag of the tomato chili in a ziplock and freeze.


    The easiest way to cook chicken breast with the least fat is to boil it. I bought 15 lbs to make 30, 100 gram meals. Once boiled, measure 61 grams (Yes, it shrinks that much) after you rinse the chicken in cold water. I did this by hand to make sure every smidgen of fat was taken off. I then froze the chicken in a little chicken broth to mix with whatever veggie you like. I've also added it to made a big batch of ginger garlic and cabbage.

    Ginger Garlic Cabbage
    Slice cabbage and fill up in your largest pot. Add chicken broth to cover with 1-2 inches of chopped fresh ginger and a whole bulb of fresh chopped garlic with salt to taste. Boil to your liking. I like mine a little firm but not too crunchy. Once cooled, place in ziplock bags with a little of the chicken broth. You can add your chicken to this and freeze in ziplock quart size bags.

    To Prevent too Many Hunger Pangs
    1. Drink 1/4 of your liquid upon awakening.
    2. 1-2 hours after that, eat your first cracker/grissini.
    3. 1-2 hours after that, eat your first fruit.
    3. Eat lunch 1-2 hours after your fruit snack.
    4. In the afternoon, have your last cracker/grissini.
    5. 1-2 hours after that, give or take, eat dinner
    6. Evening to late evening, eat your last fruit. I sometimes skip this and think I lose more.

    I hope this helps someone.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Deb, thanks for the recipe. Im on day 10 of P2 and I'm dying. The food is horrible and I'm committed to 46 days and I don't know if I will last.....your chili recipe may be my saving grace. thanks again.

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    Thanks, Deb! I LOVE P2 chili and use chipotle seasoning and fresh basil and italian parsley. I have it almost every day. I switch it up between lean ground beef and chicken (but mostly chicken). Another favorite is curry tilapia with lemon herb asparagus. That's usually my dinner. I love the simple menu and unlike 2.0, it's easy to plan meals with just a few allowed proteins and veggies.

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    Deb, thank you so much. I generally just go into robot mode as far as the foods go, weighing and bagging my Ps for 5 days, but I will try these recipes. Going to hit up TJs today.

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    How do you measure out the chili?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanderson View Post
    How do you measure out the chili?
    Hi Kanderson, If I'm reading her instructions correctly, it says 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 cups would be a meal. (depends how much it cooked down)

    Thanks for the recipe, I need something different as I'm getting sick of the same stuff day 17.

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