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Thread: Smooth Move - Will I like it?

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    Smooth Move - Will I like it?

    To anyone who has tried Smooth Move, can you taste the fennel and licorice in it? I really don't care for either of these, but I've heard that Smooth Move is something I might want to have on hand.

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    Well, I personally don't like the taste, find it bitter, especially if prepared as they direct (5-10 minutes steep - yowza) and I tend to drink it like medicine. It makes some folks feel crampy in their stomach.

    Natural Calm is Magnesium citrate and it does a lot of things - people use it as a laxative, it's a magnesium supplement, it can make some folks calm and sleepy and less stressed, some flavors are really tasty and make a great night time hot drink... it has a lot going for it. You might want that on hand instead.
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    I don't dislike it but I definitely wouldn't call it a favorite flavor of tea. I haven't had cramping, but most the time it does the trick!

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    hey i tried Smooth Move. I dont like Black licorice.which is what the tea tastes like, but very tolerable. I did not get any cramps or stomach pains. HAd a Bm next morning and evening. Very gently. no probs
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    I thought Smooth Move tea was the nastiest tasting stuff I have ever drank! And it didn't work for me on the first cup, and it tasted so bad, there was no way I was going to drink it again. I use Natural Calm, but haven't mastered the correct dosage - I go from no movement to master blaster and haven't found the happy medium dosage for me yet! LOL

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    Super Dieter's Tea comes in 3 different flavors and can be purchased at the grocery store.

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    The first time I tried Smooth Move, I added my little bit of sweetner like I always do to a hot cup of tea. I don't know why, but I found THAT totally disgusting. I decided a few nights after that to try again, but this time not add any sweetner. Now, that cup wasn't bad. I wouldn't avoid using it again, though I don't plan on having it every night like some do.

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    I don't love the taste, but it's worth it to get the result. Works like magic, too!
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