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Thread: Sugar Free Candy

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    Question Sugar Free Candy

    anyone try sugar free candy while on P2? i know its not on protocol...Some candies say made with splenda or sweet-n-low.... just curious if anyone tried it and did fine

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    I have tried the Werther's caramel sugar-free hard candy. I have limited it to one or two a day. I am in P2 and on VLCD30 and have lost 27 lbs so I don't think it has affected me too badly. It just gives me just a little bit of the sweetness that I miss.

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    Just be careful of the sugar alcohols, they give me a headache. But, I had sugarfree mints a few times on my first P2, just not much, not often.
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    Alos, be aware of the carbs. I am a fan of sugar-free candy (my DH is diabetic), but sometimes the carbs or calories may be high. Just check the serving size and eat sparingly.

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    Just because it is sugar free does not mean it is lo glycemic. I would skip it. It's because of the glycemic response that even breath mints are banned.

    I have this tiny little book .... the Biblical Guide to Weight Loss (I think that's the title) but there was a case study where a woman watched what she ate -- no sugars or carbs .....overall very careful with her diet but her weight would not budge. Upon further study, it was disclosed that she had breath mints throughout the day. It was just enough glycemic response to prevent her weight loss. Tiny little breath mints!! Who knew?

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    I would skip it too. The chemicals that make up sugar-free alternatives like Splenda, Nutrasweet, saccharin, etc. are very bad for you. They actually interfere with normal body and gland functions and can contribute to weight gain.


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