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Thread: Ugh! Need a change

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    Ugh! Need a change

    Okay, so I know we all get bored of our allowed foods on our vlcd... and I have seen several folks trying different things to mix it up some. Which brings me to my questions..

    What is this cacao that I have read about? Is it safe to eat on p2? Or should I wait until p3? I would love to have a mocha coffee and thought maybe this would be a way that I could...

    Next, what abou vanilla powder? Is anyone familiar with that? I bought some today from Sprouts bulk section and it's just vanilla turned into a powder form. Is this allowed to help with flavoring coffee instead of cream? I omitted my cream and would really like to break up this taste a little.

    I've followed protocol and have been eating plain, it's getting harder. Not sure why that it's taken me to my 2nd week but I have to fight constantly the urge to throw up my hands and have some nuts, vanilla creamer, peanut butter(with my celery).. these foods that I'm wanting. And a bowl of oatmeal... How funny is the foods I want the most is not really that bad for me... Just super bad in fats!!! Ugh!!!!! I can have these on p3 though right?

    This to shall pass I'm sure but it's really making me want to do the minimum round... Funny how this battle we fight is more psychological I believe than actuall foods...

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    Some people do ok with cocoa/cacao and vanilla powder but it's different for everyone. I've done ok with having cocoa crack (mix 1 tbsp cocoa, 1 tbsp coconut oil and sweetener to taste then freeze) but it seems to stall or cause others to gain. Anything like that will be an experiment so if you want to try it, go ahead. Just be sure to watch your weight closely the following few days
    LDW: 152.2 from last round

    New round
    Starting weight: 156.0
    Current weight: 146.8
    LDW: 147.0

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    I decided to go for it and today put a little powdered creamer and the vanilla powder in my coffee. Let me say I don't think I've had anything so good. �� Although I know I have, but it was heavenly after eating so bland. I hope it doesn't harm me but time will tell when I step on the scale tomorrow.

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    Once I could not control and had cacao, I suffered from a very bad headache. Don't know weather cacao is the reason or something else.


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