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Thread: Vegetables: Is It Okay to Mix?

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    Started my P2 and wanted to know if anyone had some feedback on how to cook or eat your vegetables. I'm not much of a vegetable eater so I am having a hard time getting some of this stuff down. It seems weird to me that you are supposed to only pick one veggie. To make sure I don't screw this up are you allowed to eat and mix a couple of the selected veggies (ex: tomatoes and onions, lettuce and cucumbers) or is it strictly one item only?

    Seasonings, are we allowed to only use the green herbs for seasoning or can you use chili powder (like paprika) or even a roasted jalapeno with the meals.

    Overall I just want to be able to flavor or spice up my protein without sabotaging it. Any helpful advise or suggestions.


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    i have used fresh dill and cilantro and lots of seasonings, especially garlic salt which i use on my lettuce with apple cider vinegar. To the best of my knowledge, dried seasonings are ok, as long as they dont have any sugar in them. To make my protiens tasty, i grill everything, wrap it up and freeze it. Then take 2 packets out each night, so when i heat up in microwave they only need like 40 seconds to get hot. I sometimes even slightly undercook so when i nuke em they are cooked perfectly. And i was told by my clinic here in Florida not to mix veggies.I would not do the roasted jalepeno as that is not on the list of veggies allowed. Best of luck

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    I mixed cukes and tomatoes in my first round and I gained/stalled for 3 days. It sounds weird, but don't mix veggies. Some people have and did ok, but protocol says don't mix.

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    everyone is difenrt and has diff opioons, at 1st i was very stric and didnt mix veggies, but ive found if you use say... tomaotes alooted amount, plus say like a 1 teaspoon onions, are ok.... like last night i made fresh salsa, tomaotes, 1 teasppon onions, and lean ground beef, and used like 1/2 a romeraine lettuce, leaf, and lost like 3 pounds from last night... so for me if i mix i keep it to a very minium... hope this helps

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    I use jalapenos all the time without issue. Fresh ones.

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    Interesting. This is my first VLCD day and I can't help but wonder what the future lunch/diner menu will be. Lunch I cooked raw shrimp with sliced tomato and lime juice. Then I topped it with a couple rings of red onion. I added some dry herbs and salt for taste. Don't want to mess this up but before I try and get too creative, I just needed to hear back from ya'll if this was going to be a bad thing or if it will still work.

    Thanks for the feedback and keep them coming. I want to hear some other ideas to give me a variety instead of boring meal plans. If not I may end up losing interest since it will be hard to stick to this when cooking for my family. Temptation is always hard to resist. I need tasty options. Thanks again.


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    Here's the thing, the protocol information tells me NOT to mix veggies, but no one has ever said WHY. If you are eating vegetables that have little or no carbs/sugars, why should it matter? I've lost 10 lbs. in 5 days of the VLCD and I am doing a little mixing. Today was my first "REAL" Mix. I made ceviche last night with tomato, onion, cilantro, celery, and tilapia. It was a little heavy on the onion, though.

    I've also used Mrs. Dash seasonings throughout the five days. They are no salt, no carb, no sugars. They really wake up whatever you put them on.

    Just my experience. Everyone is different.


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    Dr. S didnt explain why...but he did state several times that he worked on this for years and even wrote about how it may seem logical to substitute one item for another or mix them... but that its not a good idea.

    It all has to do with the effect on fat loss and not so much calorie content.

    He also strove to develope a protocol that would work for just about anyone. Perhaps that is why some tweaks may work for some and not others, but the basic protocol works for all.


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