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Thread: Bad Start

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    Bad Start

    Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie who needs some advice. I started HCG 4/26/11. On load day one I weighed 212.6 the next day I weighed 215.0, everything was going great on vlcd 1(I weighed 213.6) until that night I became ill (it may have been because I was late taking my dose and eating) so I freaked out and ate off protocol and did not take the dose. The next 2 days I took the dose(my weight was 213.8 & 213.4 the next day), but ate breakfast and dinner off protocol. At this point I was unsure if I should proceed with the protocol. I thought about it and deceided to get back on track so far today has been going great (213.0). My question is will I still lose those initial 3-4 lbs that I would have lost on the 2nd vlcd or do I need to start over completly? Thanks for your response

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    Re: Bad Start

    There's no guarantee you would have lost 3-4 pounds on day 2 anyways. Many of us dont' lose big #'s even if we gain a lot on load. There's no reason to start over, just continue on plan if you think you can stick to it protocol or whatever version you are doing.


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