Okay. This is my first round and day 7 (including 2 load) the hcg diet. I had pretty good load days, but was having problems with headaches, hunger pangs and then yesterday I couldn't do anything but think about ice cream, cake and Chinese foods (2 things, of which, I do not normally eat). I did not give in yesterday, though I did notice that I ate 1 grissini with olive oil once yesterday and had two TBS of tomato paste, which seem to cause my stall just for one day (VCLD1=155, VCLD4&5=148). After being frustrated from not losing a pound for one day on my first week with cravings and starvation, I caved after following strict protocol and being an all-around hcg superstar for 6 days.

When I say I caved, I mean 2 chicken biscuits, half a bf of popcorn, a peanut butter cookie, gummy bears, jelly beans, a cheese stick...and that's not all. That was two hours ago and I have a hold of myself now...but I'm on the edge!

I look at the calendar and think "well I can eat MORE May 7th (now that I skipped a day), eat SOME starch and sugar May 28th". THAT' S FOREVER!!!! Now I know why addicts say "one day at a time".

So I messed up big time. And I know to look at the positives: 1) I skipped my injection 2) I've already lost 6 pounds in a week and 3) the 2000 calories I consumed weren't as awesome as I thought the would be, so I dont think I will do it again. I originally started the diet not only to lose weight, but to do something I've never done in my 31 years: learn how to eat correctly and to use food as fuel and not comfort.

Great! Hooray for not being so hard on myself. Now how do I get back to protocol as seemlessly as possible so that in the next few days the scale gods will smile upon me? What is your advice to help me get back on track (and stay there) for what seems like forever?! I could use some expert advice! Thank you!

Ps. Tomorrow my injection dose will go up, so I hope that will help the hunger. Anything else I assist, however?