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Thread: Compulsive Binge Eating Attacks

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    I did go off the hCG because I kept binging and I let myself go badly. A LOT has happened in the last week and things began unraveling to the point the hCG was just helping pack on pounds. I dropped back to my last dosage weight after a major crisis. A friend's wedding is on the verge of cancellation so me and a fellow bride's-maid-maybe went to see her and help her cope through this bad time. We all emotionally ate together, I ate the most just on par with my eating habits during emotional times, and yet we vented to the point I realized I know better now. I knew how uncomfortable I was after I left and I swore I'd do my damnedest to get back on track.

    I forgave myself for the out of control behavior, and let go of this want to eat to soothe my emotional demons. I channeled all my anger and rage when I was confronted by two people who I have issues with and managed to turn the other cheek, not speak, and that gave me a lot of power. I hate to sound all gushy, but it centered me. I can remain tactful, classy and I can be my own person; I needn't be nice to everyone and crush myself over things that shall pass. That's a huge step for the super-sweetheart-take-whatever-they-give-you kinda kitten I can be.

    I really came to terms with my self control these last few days, aligned some major objectives I was lacking (that make me feel out of control and can provoke a binge), cleaned the house, remodeled my chicken brooder, avoided going out to eat, ate lightly, and rechecked my self with hunger and eating when I needed to. I'm not saying it was perfect, I'm say it's a process and I'll get there - I promised myself that I will get there - and it is my priority to see 185. I'm pushing myself, challenging myself and rewarding myself with helping myself out. Success means a lot to me in the world of weight loss. Keeping it off is then the priority, and on this diet much more manageable then I've ever experienced.

    Tomorrow I am back on the bandwagon. A friend is starting in two weeks (ish), and I'm helping two other people on their rounds. That adds to stress but it helps me admit my faults and keep going seeing others succeed. I also realized my stomach issues have also been abuse of hot sauce so that's going way for awhile. Lettace tastes the best on the diet anyway for me, so I'll manage.

    Thank you all for posting, you all probably have a really good idea how impacting this forum is on us, but I'll be another to reiterate how absolutely wonderful it is to have a group on here. It makes this process so much more enriching, gives me an outlet and a helping hand when I need one, and I will say that the EFT is an idea I've always pawned off as for cheesy people. It's not. I finally broke down and did it, and I really thank you for that little tidbit; between that and hours of watching Ruby, yeah, it helped.

    Again, thank you all! It's appreciated beyond words.
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    I've enjoyed reading this thread. I'm a compulsive binge-eater, too. When that "I've got to eat" feeling comes over me, all reason goes out the window. Then, once I start, I can't stop. One bag of M&M's just doesn't do it for me. Neither does 2. And, usually 3 doesn't either. When I binge, I usually have to write-off the day. The next day, I try to start with definately helps me start the day off with a good mind-set and the feeling of "getting back on the horse". Alot of times, exercise curbs the binge. Not always, but alot of times. And, it always makes me feel better, giving me some sense of control.

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    I binge eat too. Haven't yet on this but then I'm newly in. I'm the same way though, when I binge it's extreme which of course makes me feel like crap and then I want to eat more. Something I'm hoping to kick, I just keep trying it's better than giving up. I have no idea what my triggers are, for some reason I feel I'm depriving myself and have to have everything to make up for it when really I'm not missing out on anything but a lot of food that makes me inevitably feel like sh*t.

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    Hey Girls, I was just reading your thread. I have a similar one called Bulimia in the medical conditions forum. I had suffered from an eating disorder since I was 13 and honestly know how you feel. Positively enough, this diet put me on track and I can say now that I feel as though I beat it. I've been in therapy for 10 months and have worked every day in my recovery to be where I am today. I feel like "those other people" who seem to have it together, you know what I mean? My head doctor also says that it takes 21 days to make a habit stick so when I reached my 21st day of being kind to my body and showing it that it can have some discipline, I feel like I have reached a huge mile stone.

    Compulsive eating is not only categorized as serious eating disorder and addiction but is first and foremost a disease just like diabetes or cancer. And it can kill you no matter how innocent it seems to me. I used to think that Alcoholics and drug addicts had it easy compared to people like us because you can always stop buying alcohol and drugs but never will you ever be able to avoid food. Addiction, no matter what kind affects the same place in your brain as any other addict. Understanding how this works, as well as understanding what COMPULSIVE AND IMPULSIVE behavior affects your will help you tremendously. Its a recipe for disaster.
    Triggers are another thing that with time and being mindful of what is going on around you will help you identify your triggers. If you stick to your protocol and you make at least 21 days into it, it could get easier to identify your issues because you will have tremendous control of your actions. Most importantly the impulsive behavior. If you have ever had the feeling of giving in to a craving, this is the action of the impulse behavior. Then, compulsiveness comes flying around with a lasso at full force and and makes you give in over and over again, right? Sound familiar?

    I wish all you girls lots of luck in your journey. From someone who has seen the depth of eating disorder hell, I like to try and help people before they get to a place that I have. I dont want to for my sister Goddesses. Be well girls, let me know if you need some advice. I'll pop in here from time to time.

    oh yea, one more thing. the biggest thing that made me quit is knowing that recover isn't down the road somewhere. Its now, recovery is everyday. Its when I made the decision to do this and stuck with it every day. I read somewhere on a moderator post, that Being fat is hard, dieting is hard. Choose your hard. See ya
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    Very well put melusinebeauty.....and we welcome all of you over on the bulemia thread. Our issues are alittle different than some of the other folks on the forum, so we created this thread as a place where we felt safe voicing our concerns. I had these issues several years ago, I was a classical ballet dancer and part time model in my 20's....a perfect storm. I have to be careful with this protocol to not get too fixated on the number on the scale....I am susceptible to that even now.

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    wow ladies i didnt realize that what i do is binge is bad. i am learning not to do this.. i am really glad i read this thread.. and i totally agree with the recovery part of binge eating--it is for the any addiction..recovery is about today...i cheated was not of anything is never enough for me..

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    I blogged about the details of a book called The Beck Diet Solution. You may want to read my blog entries (just click on my name to take you to my blog posts). The book teaches you how to respond to triggers and situations which could lead to making poor eating choices. If you like the info in my blog, I would recommend buying the book and not just reading it, but actually doing the steps. What have you got to lose?
    I think the biggest commonality we all have is the "I've already blown it, I might as well just keep bingeing"...
    The reality is, having one bag of MM's will not completely derail your diet-you need to forgive yourself and get back on track. It's the all-day or multiple day bingeing that sabotages us.
    AFM, when in P2, I don't struggle at all. The limited choices keep me in control. I have my approved foods and I know that is it. This principle can be applied to lifetime eating as well.
    The difficulty comes when you struggle with whether or not you should eat the cake or
    whatever. If you had not planned to eat the cake or have just finished a big meal and
    you are already full, telling yourself NO CHOICE will truly put your mind at ease. It really does work! So do many of the other tips in the book.
    Hope this helps.
    BTW, I'm presently back in P2. Vacation did me in. Not too bad though. I'm 7 above
    my previous goal weight after some pretty good loading:-)
    After being at my previous goal for a while, I decided I want to go a little lower. Especially after spending 2 weeks in a bikini. KWIM?
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    What do you do when you blow it for one day (really a half day) - I'm on Day 5 and lost 3 pounds. Should I do an apple day to get back on track? It was a birthday dinner that I thought I could get through and blew it.

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    Exclamation Binge :(

    I'm only on day 3 of phase3 and i just massively binged. I've already lost 5lbs in 3 days but how much will i have just put on?

    please help thanks

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    I also suffer from binge eating. I am in an eating disorder group and also I see a therapist. I am currently reading an incredible book it is called "Gaining" It explains emotional eating adn helps you get to the root of the problem. Just a suggestion. I cheated last week. I mean REALLY cheated. I ate a 1/2 gallon of ice cream on day 5 and 6. I was starving in the worst way. So I gave into it. I paid for it for 2 days and gained a total of 3 pounds. BUT I got back on track. I have been on the diet 13 days and have lost 13 pounds. Don't beat yourself up for cheating. You will pay for it BUT it will come back off!! I am here and I understand 100% what you are going through. Feel free to message me anytime.

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