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Thread: Enter P3 or no?

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    Enter P3 or no?

    Hi everyone, Iíve just entered my last week of P2 with overall wonderful results. Went from 163 to 143 and am happy with where Iím at and ready to end the program. Hereís my dilemma. Iíve done well the majority of this program with no cheats...until the last three days. Iím on my last week now and have been cooking and prepping for my family reunion, and found myself doing little cheats for the past three days. I kept losing until today I saw I gained .4 . I donít plan on cheating again, but Iím at the point where I donít really care to lose more.

    Iíve been toying with the idea of ending the program now and beginning to wein off of the drops ASAP so that I can get back to my normal diet sooner (I was primarily vegan, and eating animal products makes me sluggish and feel physically terrible). My question is since I just gained from a few days cheat, should I wait to enter P3 until I make sure Iím not still gaining, or can I go ahead and enter P3 now?

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    How many days are you into Phase 2? That will determine entering Phase 3 and to be sure to stabilize properly

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    If you have had a minimum of 23 dose days, you can transition to P3 at anytime. Those that stay in P2 for 30 days can have an easier stabilization. But its up to you whether you continue or finish up as long as you observe the maximum dose days of 40.

    You still have to stay on the diet for 48 hours (homeopathic drops) or 72 hours (RX drops) before you can start P3, so its particularly important not to cheat during that transition time. Adding fats too soon can cause a big gain that you might not be able to recover from in P3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayk View Post
    How many days are you into Phase 2? That will determine entering Phase 3 and to be sure to stabilize properly
    Iíve been on drops for 35 days now

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    If it was me, I would just transition into P3.

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    Do you want today's weight to be your LIW? If so, then it won't matter that you were up.

    I had a similar situation occur on one of my past rounds, but it was due to too much salt that last day. I was still able to stabilize in the same range, so it wasn't a problem.
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