The protocol allows for taking a break from the P2 diet menu during your round. The protocol calls it an "unforeseen interruption". Over the years, it has come to be referred to as a "planned interruption".

If you are thinking of taking one of these breaks in your round, here is the way it works:

You can begin an interruption any time after the 23rd dose day.

Your interruption must be a minimum of 5 days

You must transition off the HCG while still on the 500 calorie diet before starting your interruption. (72 hours for RX HCG and 48 hours for hhcg - homeopathic)

Your interruption must not exceed 14 days, or you will need to reload for 2 days before finishing your P2

The total number of dose days for your round is still 40

You must increase calories at least to 800 (you can have more), and the protocol says to add meats, eggs and cheese to accomplish that. Most people do well following normal P3 guidelines, and it is a good opportunity to practice P3 and tuning into your hunger and satisfaction signals before you actually get there.