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Thread: Major cheating..need help with motivation

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    Major cheating..need help with motivation

    This week has been very rough for me to follow protocol.

    I did so good for 35 days... but the restrictions and cravings just got to me. And I've gotten an aversion to Chicka, my main protein. I have 2 full weeks left.
    I'm doing an 8 week program thru a weight loss clinic. This was before I started learning more about the program.
    Anyways I lost 30 lbs and gained back 5 from my cheating.
    Hopefully I can get back on the bandwagon n get down to the 30 lbs lost at least

    I'm looking for encouragement, tips, tricks, whatever to help me.
    I have lost all motivation n I strongly believe it is because of the 8weeks. I did fantastic for 35 days!

    Welp... yeah.

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    There are really no dependable techniques to recover from a cheat. The best thing you can do is get right back on program and stay on it. It's possible to get back on track, but you do have to accept that you will have lost some progress.

    Cravings can mean your dose is off. This is common in the last part of a round. It generally means you need to decrease.

    To find out if this is the case for you, skip your dose for a day and pay attention to how you feel in the late afternoon to early evening. (Assuming you take your injection in the mornings.) If you feel better and cravings are gone, then that confirms that you need to lower your dose.
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    Hi Sweetness

    Pretty much what Leez says above. I think once you get the craving under control, it shouldn't be too bad

    I find my motivation from the losses and changes in size of clothing It is a wonderful thing that this diet can do for someone. There is no other diet where you can lose weight like this and not lose muscle mass.

    There are many motivational threads on here each month, and most of us even in Phase 4 continue to look for support.

    Hang in there and just move on from the cheat. There is no going back, but one can move forward.


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