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Thread: Oh no....

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    Oh no....

    Hi, I'm glad to find this support here. I am on day 7. I started day 3 at 191.6 and this morning was 180.4. I feel great and have been following the protocol to a T. I do have an issue with alcohol and haven't drank since last Wednesday. I cracked and pounded a beer and then ate the rest of my daughters fish that she didn't finish for dinner (about 2 oz.). I don't want to mess this up. Has anybody slipped with beer and if so, how did it affect your progress? Thanks.

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    Hi Ramblin Rose. I didnt slip with beer, but I love my wine, AND i have teenagers in the house eating things like pizza and wings in front of me. I want to strangle their skinny butts! I read somewhere that you can exchange a fruit for a diet vodka tonic. Rad. So I have done that twice so far and it hasn't affected my weight loss. Prob not the best thing nutritionally, but after a bad day at work i think it is OK once and awhile.

    Oh, and day 1 of VLCD I was cleaning my daughter's room and ran into the carcass of ther chocolate easter bunny. I ate his haunches cookie-monster style, I was so hungry! I felt guilty too. But hopped onthe eliptical and work on my doage level to fix the hunger issue. So far so good - so more chocolate bunny attacks!

    Hang in there!


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