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Thread: In P2 and facing a strenuous few days

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    In P2 and facing a strenuous few days

    @leez I am on day 20 and I'm having to unexpectedly help my mother and sister move cross country. They are in Texas and the heat is oppressive. Yesterday my Fitbit said I burned 3,000 calories and I was having waves of dizziness. I don't have time to do a planned interruption so do I just eat higher calories these next 3 days and then go back to strict P2? I am planning on a long round but I don't want to mess it up. Of course I don't have a scale but I do have P2 meals prepackaged for me. They're just not enough. Please advise!

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    I restored your post for you so that your question doesn't get lost.

    An interruption can be taken after 23 injections, but you still would have to do the 2 days of low calorie diet before being able to normally, so that really isn't an option for you.

    You can increase your calories, especially add protein as needed, but it sounds to me like you need salt, magnesium and potassium because of your report of dizziness. Your blood pressure could be low from salt washing out from excessive heat and sweating and cause dizzyness. Electrolytes may be thrown out of balance as well. Try some bullion, and start adding mineral salt to your water. 1/4 tsp cream of tartar is an easy way to add potassium if you don't already have the supplement. See if adding those things makes a difference for you. The fact that you are doing activity beyond your normal output would cause a lack of endurance, but it shouldn't make you shakey or ill.
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    Thank you! I ended up coming off the hcg and just watched my calories/fat. It was tough. I ended up with another problem though... I left Texas and forgot my shots there. I started loading with one shot on Monday, drive to Missouri, and realized I didn't have a shot for Tuesday. My MIL overnighted me my shots, with ice packs etc, but Wednesday FedEx left them on my porch in the screaming sun for 8 hrs. By the time I opened them even the ice packs were hot to the touch. I continued my loading but have been unable to reach the non-hunger phase. I've tried adjusting dose up and down, worrying about reduced efficacy but I'm starving. Is the rest of my batch ruined?


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