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Thread: Planned Pig-Out On Phase 4 (One Night Only)

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    Question Planned Pig-Out On Phase 4 (One Night Only)

    Hey guys,

    So it's my birthday (five days after the end of my scheduled P3) and I will be going to a pizza/pasta restaurant. I blatantly know I am going to eat (probably more than I should eat over a period of a week) BUT... I also know that when I am on a diet, and I do have one binge day I find myself quickly able to stabilise and get back into the diet protocol.
    (From previous experience)

    I was wondering if i were to have one single binge night after P3 into P4 - has anyone done this and felt their entire rounds fail beneath them? Or have you been able to just carry on back to protocol as per the next day and carry on. I read somewhere that its safe to have a bit of a binge RARELY.... As your habits should have changed if you have followed the stages correctly, so your urge to binge and fall back into bad habits really should have dissipated - I am looking to hear from people who can speak from BOTH sides of the spectrum and would really prefer it if any negative critiques on my plan could be kept to ones self... I know what I am planning to do is wrong, but I want to know if there is anyone else who has done it and what the results were.

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    "I just came out of rehab for my heroin habit. I'm staying clean, but I want to shoot up on my birthday. Will I be able to stay clean afterward?"

    That's what you're asking. You know the answer.
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    Just for the record, no part of this journey is for the weak.

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    P4 is the rest of your life. It is regular eating, eating the foods that you have found work best with your body chemistry. I think the occasional large meal is part of regular eating and real life. I'd be leery of doing it so early in P4, but I don't really see a problem unless you have a binge eating disorder you have previously had under control and now are allowing to get out of control. You'll probably have to do a steak or other correction day the next day, but maybe not.

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    Thanks Jmmrr for the non sarcastic response Fortunately as per my introduction thread I did not actually start my HCG journey because of the weightloss i started it in aid of my chronic eczema and it has really helped. Fortunately I do not have a binge eating disorder and have always been very successful at eating healthy in the past (with a few splurges every now and again) I was just wondering because of the quick time frame... but hopefully you're right and all goes ok!

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    Hey Carolina, it's not really that black and white... I am actually trying the HCG diet to aid my eczema, and am enjoying the perks of the weight-loss but I have never had significant weight problems that warranted a strict dieting 'rehab' so in your analogy my 'REHAB' for my 'ADDICTION' is not at all applicable... I was more querying regarding the time frame of just getting off P3 practically, and wondering if anyone else had suffered from really negative side effects from having a bit of a binge to soon out.... Perhaps I shall make myself clearer next time.
    PS: I am definitely wanting to maintain the weight-loss so it probably is more than just a perk, but it's certainly not the single primary reason...

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    Julz, don't add back in dairy and gluten. Eczema is usually related to dairy and gluten. I mean TOTAL elimination for good.
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