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Thread: Reasons you Sabotage Your Weight loss

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    Jumping in a little late. I just wanted to respond to the social pressure to eat. I feel personally I have more of the social pressure to be thin. If I fail now after how much weight I have already lost I feel like I will have failed everyone that is cheering for me to get thin. I will have failed my little girl because she needs me healthy. I will have failed my husband because he loves seeing me losing pounds and feeling better. I will have failed my mom because she doesn't want my life to be like hers. I could go on and on. My fear of failure keeps me going but my fear of failure also makes me cheat. I don't cheat in public because everyone else is sitting there with pizza. No, in public I am perfect I follow my plan, I bring apple slices to the movie theater. It's in private when the pressure caves me in, when things are not going according to plan. I am in phase 4 and and still can only eat Phase 3 foods, gaining weight on phase 3 foods. I am alone and weak and I say I am gaining anyways so I eat a whole box of girl guides thin mints. (That was yesterday, my first cheat ever on this plan and today I am killing myself with guilt.) I honestly don't think I am sabotaging myself. I will be sabotaging myself if I completely quit. I have 9 more days until round 2 and I can't wait. P2 is my love. I love waking up everyday down in weight. I hate maintenance. And that I do believe is my problem. I am addicted to the numbers going down and when they don't, I eat and they go up.
    Sorry for the long post and jumping in so late. It was a bad day yesterday resulting in a worse morning.
    I so hear you. I've been struggling with cheating and have found this book to be helpful. I posted some thoughts on th ebook on another thread in this forum but can't find it right at this moment, but I do think it's a worthwhile read. You've come so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marvless View Post
    I just wanted to share a great book I just read on emotional eating. Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Rehab Through the HCG Protocol. Like a lot of you, I do great on the strict P2 phase and I love P3, but once I start adding carbs the trouble starts. I'm hoping that by doing R3 POP I'll have better luck stabilizing than I did on my rogue R2.

    Product Description (from Amason) This book was written to start a new conversation about how Dr. Simeons' protocol has relevance, not only as a hormonal therapy, but as a means to end our national eating disorder. Instead of continuing to apply the protocol as a short-term diet, it shoulder be discussed as a real solution --a tool to end irrational eating for emotional fulfillment. This country is dealing with a crisis: an addiction to eating emotionally, and the obvious result is the overwhelming increase in obesity.

    Think about the number of people in our culture who eat without hunger. When you observe our nation's behavior with food, it's very clear that fat isn't what we should be obsessed about, and weight shouldn't be the target of the problem. We need a genuine desire to eat less, one that isn't dependent on weight loss as a reward. This requires each of us to be accountable for our own emotions, and find happiness in life not centrally stimulated by food.

    I think you started the thread on the book club for this book and I just wanted to say thanks for telling us about the book! It's been very helpful.
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    Round 2 Oct-Nov 2011: 200-181/-19
    Round 3 Jan 2012: Pre-load 188-172 (gained 7 over holidays)/-15

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    Thank you for these posts -- I'm here tonight (this morning) after my first real cheat and feeling a bit lost. I'm not sure why I cheated, but the scale shows that I'm up 4 lbs. So I can't sleep. I had friends over this evening, and had a couple of glasses of wine and lots of Indian food. And a couple of cupcakes. I didn't even make a plan to stay on protocol and I so very easily disregarded all of my hard work staying on P2 protocol for the past two weeks.

    In reading these posts, and trying to understand the emotional underpinnings of this sabotage, I see that my particular way of sabotage is almost like a metaphor for my life-- "unintentional". Like I take no responsibility for anything -- like I'm along for the ride. I react to my environment only. And not in a blame-someone-else way, at least not directly. Tonight it was almost like the I was unable to change the "playing host" role to fit my needs.

    I guess I fix this by trying to be less on auto-pilot generally, right? I worry about my ability to function in later phases when it's less structured.

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